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Maria  1
born circa 1790, (but not in Kent) 2
died September 1857 3
buried 10 September 1857, King William's Town 4
At the time of the 1841 census she was living in Stembrook, St. Mary's
parish, Dover with her three sons Henry, Thomas and John.

We have no maiden name for her. She was a widow when she married
Henry Adkins and the marriage register at Ash gives her name as
Maria Gillam.

It seems likely to me, even though I have no absolute proof, that she is
the same person as the Maria Olliver who married John Gilham
at Deal in 1811, more especially since her son, John Gillam, also lived in
King William's Town, and, in additon, he was a witness at the baptism of
Sidney Charles Adkins, son of Benjamin and Charlotte Adkins, and
they in turn were sponsors at the baptism of George Charles Gillam.
Furthermore the baptismal sponsors of Benjamin John Adkins, son of
Henry and Sarah Adkins, were a George Gillam and an Elizabeth Gillam.

married (1) before 1823 5

unknown Gillam

married (2) 19 January 1823 at Ash-next-Sandwich 6

Henry Adkins
tailor (1820) 7
of Sandwich, St. Peter 8

c1826 -

Henry James
1827 -


c1832 -

children of Maria and Henry Adkins

Benjamin Adkins circa 1826-1866
born circa 1826
baptized 12 January 1826, Ash-next-Sandwich, Kent
died 11 February 1866
buried 12 February 1866, Holy Trinity, King William's Town

Charlotte Elizabeth 1840-1911

Henry James Adkins 1827-1914
born 8 March 1827, Ash, Kent
baptized 8 April 1827, Ash-next-Sandwich, Kent
died 15 August 1914, Fort Jackson, Eastern Cape
buried St. Stephen's, Fort Jackson, Eastern Cape
 married 16 February 1852 Holy Trinity, King Williams Town

Sarah Spalding 1836-1917

Thomas Adkins 9 born 1828
born 1828 10
baptized 18 May 1828, Ash-next-Sandwich, Kent 11

John Adkins circa 1832-1910
born circa April 1832
baptized June 1833, Ash-next-Sandwich, Kent
died 19 May 1910, King William's Town
 married 29 January 1858 Holy Trinity, King William's Town

Catherine Ann Collopy circa 1842-1912

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