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Henry Bailey
Henry Minter
died 1721
Mary Bailey
circa 1680-1760
Thomas Minter 1
carpenter 2
of Ash next Sandwich, Kent 3
born 1713 4
baptized 5 July 1713, Ash next Sandwich, Kent 5
died January 1761 6
buried 2 January 1761, Ash next Sandwich, Kent 7
will dated 14 November 1760
and proved 28 July 1761, to John Hogben and Henry Minter
His does not mention a wife by name in his will but implies
in that will, that his children Anna, Thomas and John Minter
had a different mother from his son Henry Minter.

In that same will, dated 1760, he mentions his brother, Henry
Minter and John Hogben, surgeon, as trustees.

married (1) 14 August 1739 at Ash next Sandwich 8

Jane Hogben
circa 1716-circa 1745


b. c1741

b. c1744

married (2) 12 October 1746 at Ash next Sandwich 13

Catherine Curling

b. c1750

children of Thomas and Jane Minter

Hannah Minter born 1740
baptized 12 March 1739/40, Ash next Sandwich, Kent
buried 13 December 1772, Ash next Sandwich, Kent
 married 11 May 1761 Ash next Sandwich

Thomas Baker 1742-1800
Carpenter (1792)
of Ash next Sandwich, Kent

Thomas Minter 9 born circa 1741
baptized 4 January 1741/42, Ash next Sandwich, Kent 10

John Minter 11 born circa 1744
baptized 18 December 1744, Ash next Sandwich, Kent 12

children of Thomas and Catherine Minter

Henry Minter born circa 1750
baptized circa 3 January 1749/50, Ash next Sandwich, Kent 14

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