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Lammert Lammertsz
died before 1673
Aaltje Aalbertsz
Jan Lammertsz: Meijburg
born circa 1664
Sophia Sank
Albert Meijburg Jansz: 1
butcher 2
of De Graawe Erwetjes Cape Town 3
born 1710, at the Cape 4
baptized 9 February 1710, Cape Town 5
died 4 January 1779, Cape Town 6
will dated 10 December 1778
In 1766 he requested permission to resign as Burger
Lieutenant of the infantry on account of age and
bodily infirmity.
(Leibbrandt, HCV, Requesten (Memorials) 1715-1806,
published Cape Times Limited, 1906)

for a note on his parentage see below#


Sophia van Rooijen

1754 -

children of Albert Meijburg and Sophia van Rooijen

Johannes Meijburg Albertsz 7 1754-circa 1785
born 1754 8
baptized 26 May 1754, Cape Town 9
died circa July 1785 10

Notes: according to his father's will of December 1778 he was still
a minor, and had for some time past behaved very badly,
much to his father's sorrow. His inheritance from his father,
in accordance with his wishes expressed in his will, was
apparently administered by the Weeskamer - there was
still 7283 rixdaler to his account there when he died in 1785.

# The parents of Albert Meijburg Jansz:

According to the statement in his will dated 1755, both his
parentes were no longer alive at that date.

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