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Barend Buijs
died before 1762
Alida van den Bergh
died 1762
Stephanus Buys 1
of Roggeveld 2
born 1727 3
baptized 13 July 1727, Cape Town 4
died circa 1769, (assumed from date of inventory) 5
The children appear in the order given in the the inventory
drawn up in 1769 after the death of their father - all six
childeren were still alive in 1831 when they were listed in
the estate accounts of their deceased mother.

In 1750 he petitioned the Council of Policy, asking to be allowed
'to open a school in which to teach reading, writing and arithmetic
as well as the elements of the Reformed Religion which he pro-
(Leibbrandt, H.C.V. - Requesten (Memorials) 1715-1806, page 82n)

At the time of his death they would seem to have been farming in
a very small way in the Roggevelt, judging from the Inventory of
his goods dated 19 February 1769.

for a note on his parentage see below#

married 2 January 1752 at Cape Town 6

Maria Elisabeth de Vries
1733-circa 1812

Susanna Lasya
1752 -

Alida Johanna

Barnardus Hendrik

Barend Rudolf

Maria Elisabeth

Isaac Cirke

1767 -

children of Stephanus Buys and Maria Elisabeth de Vries

Susanna Lasya Buys 1752-before 1831
born 1752
baptized 22 October 1752, Cape Town
died before 1831

Gerrit Kruger 7

Alida Johanna Buys 8 born 1755
born 1755 9
baptized 5 January 1755, Cape Town 10

Jacobus Augustus Bierman 11 died before 1831
died before 1831 12

Barnardus Hendrik Buys born 1757
born 1757 13
baptized 13 February 1757, Stellenbosch 14

Notes: He was not named as one of
his father's heirs in the inventory drawn up
after the latter's death on 19th Febr. 1769,
and had presumbly died before that date.

Barend Rudolf Buys 15 born 1759
born 1759 16
baptized 29 July 1759, Cape Town 17

Notes: called Bernardus Rudolph in the 1769
inventory drawn up after his father's death, he
is called Barend Rudolph in the 1831 estate
accounts of his mother.

Maria Elisabeth Buys 18 born 1762
born 1762 19
baptized 10 January 1762, Cape Town 20

Jan Hendrik Holze 21

Isaac Cirke Buys 22 born 1764
born 1764 23
baptized 8 April 1764, Cape Town 24

Elisabeth Buys 1767-1809
born 1767
baptized 15 February 1767, Drakenstein
died between 24 May and 25 June 1809
 married 7 December 1783 Drakenstein

Daniel du Toit 25 1764-1827
of the farm Saxenburg (1798)
and in 1807 of the farm Doornfontein, Paardeberg

# The parents of Stephanus Buys

I have assumed that he was the Stephanus Buys born to Barend
Buys and Alida van den Berg and baptised 13th July 1727 in the
Cape Town church. Although his mother did not die until 1762 she
did not stand as witness at the baptism of any of his children, but
his sister Catharina Buys and her husband Sirke Janse, did, as
also did his sister Lacija.

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