The Parsonage, Burwell
The Parsonage, Burwell
The Parsonage, here shown as restored around 1968 (I believe after a fire, but I am not sure if my memory is reliable here) - when it was the home of Mr & Mrs John Greenwood and known as The Old Priory. They received me very kindly without prior notice and allowed me to take these photographs.

Charles Lucas* desribes it thus:

The third lane at the beginning of the Causeway leads down due west to the Parsonage.

On the right as the precincts are entered, there are two very large tithe barns and on the left is a long Tudor building surmised to have been a hemp factory.

This is the building on the left - those on the right seem to have gone.

The Parsonage was a large manor-house made out of the old Priory of St. John, dependent on the Ramsey Abbey in Huntingdonshire.

It has a number of large, spacious rooms. Until quite recently one of the upper rooms was handsomely paneled with oak of the Queen Anne period. The walls are very thick, nearly two feet in places, and pieces of monastic masonry are frequently seen. The house was continued towards the west, and formed a rather large malting house**.

The Parsonage, with the land attached to it, was the property of Queen's College, Cambridge...

About the middle of the eighteenth century one Salisbury Dunn was the tenant of the parsonage and tithe master.... one of his offices being that of churchwarden.

The Parsonage (continued)

* The text on this page quoted from:
Charles Lucas - The Fenman's World, published by Jarrold, Norwich, 1930.
** the ruins of this building can be seen to the left of the house in both the pictures above

photographs by Richard Ball