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List of people in the Fielding family tree

67 individuals, 15 families, 15 surnames

Anderton, Berth 
Anderton, Edith 
Anderton, Ernest Fielding 
Anderton, George 
Anderton, William of Cleckheaton 
Ball, Edward, farmer of North Street, Burwell (1793-1865)
Ball, Salisbury, Farmer, Miller & Coprrolite Raiser of The Parsonage, Burwell (1836-1896)
Cadywold, Ann of High Town - census return (1794-1878)
Cockroft, Sarah Elizabeth 
Cowell, Ann (1808-1860)
Dyson, Emma 
Fielding, Abraham, bookkeeper, warfinger, coal, lime and salt merchant of Wharf Street, Warley, Sowerby Bridge (1790-1859)
Fielding, Abraham, railway porter of 11 East Parade, Skircoat (born 1873)
Fielding, Abraham, commercial traveller, coal merchant, drysalter of Warley, Yorkshire (1824-1877)
Fielding, Albert (1843-1852)
Fielding, Albert (born 1853)
Fielding, Alice, woolen reeler (born 1855)
Fielding, Amelia (born 1826)
Fielding, Arthur Edward, groom (domestic) (born 1865)
Fielding, Betsy (born 1872)
Fielding, Charles W., woolen piecer (born 1860)
Fielding, Charles William, pianist, professor of music, ginger beer manufacturer of Clough Terrace, Bolton Brow, Skircoat (1831-1899)
Fielding, Elizabeth, Housekeeper (1857-1892)
Fielding, Elizabeth (born 1850)
Fielding, Emily of the Parsonage, Burwell (1838-1919)
Fielding, Emma (born 1820)
Fielding, Emma (1885-1888)
Fielding, Frederick William, civil engineer, mechanic of Skircoat, Yorkshire (1852-1917)
Fielding, Harry (born 1885)
Fielding, James, drysalter and manufacturing chemist (1812-1870)
Fielding, James Obery, drysalter and chemist of Sowerby Bridge (1840-1879)
Fielding, Jane, Housekeeper (1859-1916)
Fielding, Jane of Elm Bank, Cleckheaton (1834-1888)
Fielding, John Cockroft (1865-1866)
Fielding, Johnothan Hollingrake (born 1814)
Fielding, Joshua 
Fielding, Julia Ann (born 1836)
Fielding, Laura (born 1863)
Fielding, Margaret, pupil teacher (born 1867)
Fielding, Mary (1854-1859)
Fielding, Mary Ann of Bolton Brow, Skircoat (1816-1887)
Fielding, Mary Ann (born 1849)
Fielding, Sarah A., woolen reeler (born 1852)
Fielding, Sarah Jane (born 1851)
Fielding, Thomas (1863-1865)
Fielding, Thomas, lime dealer (born 1822)
Fox, Abraham Fielding 
Fox, Amilia 
Fox, Eliza 
Fox, James 
Fox, Mary 
Fox, Thomas 
Fox, William 
Fox, William Henry 
Hartwell, Sarah 
Hirst, Abraham Fielding 
Hirst, James William 
Hirst, Joseph 
Hirst, Louisa 
Hirst, Maria Jane 
Hollingrate, Mary 
Nicholl, Martha 
Shaw, Nanette (died 1884)
Wrathwell, Martha 

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