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Izaak de Vries
died circa 1746
Susanna Bosman
Johannes Hermanus Redelinghuys
died 1794
Johanna Hermina de Vries
died circa 1805
Johannes Hendricus Redelinghuys
born 1756 1
baptized 25 July 1756, Cape Town 2
died 25 August 1802, The Hague, Netherlands 3
He began his career as a teacher in 1777 but was one of the building
contractors for the new hospital in 1782 and a licensed baker in 1785.
From 1779 he was one of the leaders of the Cape Patriot Movement
and became secretary of the Volks Representaten in 1784.

In 1785 he sold his house in Cape Town and left withe his wife for the
Netherlands where he sought contact with influential patriots and
worked on a comprehensive petition. Later he became editor of the
Nationale Courante and from 1801 he was a clerk of the Bureau ter
Conversie der Staatsschulden in The Hague. A year later he died of

His wife and daughters received a free passage to the Cape and in
1806 were in possession of his two farms on the Sonderend River.

(Information: Dictionary of South African Biography, vol.4, page 491,
article on Redelinghuijs, Johannes Henricus, by C.J.Beyers.)

The descendants of his three daughters are listed on this web site:
Parenteel van Anne Jans.

married (1) 9 July 1780 at Cape Town 4

Maria Elisabeth de Villiers

Johannes Hermanus
1781 -

married (2) 23 November 1794 at The Netherlands 7

Maria Marosee
of West Zaandam, Netherlands

Johanna Dedrika
1795 -

Jacoba Hermina
1797 -

Johannes Henricus
1799 -

Maria Susanna

children of Johannes Hendricus Redelinghuys and Maria Elisabeth de Villiers

Johannes Hermanus Redelinghuys 1781-1783
born 2 December 1781 5
died 1783 6

Notes: Death listed in the Cape Death Register:
1783, Cabo Een soontje van Js H. Redelinghuijze
gent. Johs. Hendrikus, Octobr. 13

children of Johannes Hendricus Redelinghuys and Maria Marosee

Johanna Dedrika Redelinghuys 1795-1872
born 24 February 1795, Amsterdam
baptized 10 April 1795, Amsterdam, Westerkerk
died 22 August 1872, Wellington, at the house of her son P.J.Marchand
 married May 1818 Paarl

Bernard Pierre Jaques Marchand 8 circa 1795-1838

Jacoba Hermina Redelinghuys 1797-1866
born 16 March 1797, Amsterdam
baptized 12 May 1797, Amsterdam, Westerkerk
died 7 January 1866, at the house of Georg Vergottini
 married October 1818 Paarl

Joseph Vergottini 9 circa 1792-1833

Johannes Henricus Redelinghuys 1799-before 1827
born 14 September 1799, Amsterdam 10
baptized 20 September 1799, Amsterdam, Westerkerk 11
died before 1827 12

Maria Susanna Redelinghuys 13
born Netherlands 14

Notes: Her descendatns are listed on this web site:
Parenteel van Anne Jans.

 married 3 June 1820 Paarl 16

Johannes Petrus Roux Davidsz. 15 born 1800
born 19 January 1800

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