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Abraham Luteijn Risseeuw
Johanna Levina van Dishoeck
born 1820
Jacobus Nicolaas Redelinghuys
circa 1825-1893
Margaritha Christina van Wyk
Johannes Egberts Risseeuw
Francina Johanna Redelinghuys
circa 1864-1898
Jacobus Nicolaas Risseeuw 1
born 13 October 1888
He was mentioned as one of his father's
heirs in the death notice of February 1931, but his name
is given in that document as Johannes Nciloaas Risseuw.
Presumably whoever wrote the details misheard or copied
from child no 4, Johannes, immediatgely above child no. 5,
Johannes Nicolaas. The death notice was signed J.N.Risseuw,
zoon, tegenwoordig by sterfgeval, but the signature is not that
of the person who completed the death notice. In his father's
will he is correctly named as Jacobus N. Thus still living
at that date.

I have assumed that he is the same Jacobs Nicolaas who was
the husband of Susara Aletta Janse van Vuuren. It seems likely.


Susara Aletta van Vuren

Francina Johanna

Helena Nicoletta

Johanna Catharina

Isabella Maria

Johannes Egbertus

Daniel Johannes

Jacobus Johannes

Catharina Susanna

Margrietha Jacomina Christina

children of Jacobus Nicolaas Risseeuw and Susara Aletta van Vuren

Francina Johanna Risseeuw 2

Helena Nicoletta Risseeuw 3

Johanna Catharina Risseeuw 4

Isabella Maria Risseeuw 5

Johannes Egbertus Risseeuw 6

Daniel Johannes Risseeuw 7

Jacobus Johannes Risseeuw 8

Catharina Susanna Risseeuw 9 died 1968
died 8 July 1968 10

Margrietha Jacomina Christina Risseeuw 11 died 1951
died 9 November 1951 12

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