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Maerten Slabbert 1
In the baptismal register of Meliskerke, at the baptism of his
daughter Neeltje in 1685, Floris Slabbert is named as Floris
Maartens. This would usually mean that his father's name
was Maarten.

The three brothers of Floris Slabbert are all identified in the
Westkapelle Weeskamer document of 1718 regarding the
death and estate of Jasper Janse.
(Rechterlijke Archieven Zeeuwse Eilanden, inventory no. 888)




1656 -

1654 -

children of Maerten and Slabbert

Pieter Slabbert 2

Notes: From the letter of Floris Slabbert to his brothers Gideon
and Pieter, according to the copies in the Westkapelle Weesakte
registers, we learn that by 1713 Pieter's wife had recently died.

Gideon Slabbert 3 born 1659
baptized 15 June 1659, Aagtekerke, Zeeland 4

Maytje Jacobs 5

Notes: Her name is given as Maytje at the baptism of her son Maerten in 1680.

According to information placed on the internet by Jan van de Putte
and Jo van de Putte-Sturm
her name was Matje Jacobs Pieters Doolhage,

In the Meliskerke baptismal register, as a witness to the baptism of
Maerten Slabbert, 1698, she is recorded as 'matien jacobs de vrou van
gideon slabar'.

Floris Slabbert 1656-circa 1732
born 1656
baptized 7 October 1656, Aagtekerke, Zeeland
died circa 1732, (possibly - based on Inventory receipt)
 married 15 April 1684 Aagtekerke, Zeeland

Huijbregtje Jasperz 6

Jeremias Slabbert 7 1654-before 1733
poorter (1677) 8
of Westkapelle, Zeeland 9
born 1654
baptized 27 September 1654, Aagtekerke 10
died before 12 September 1733 11

Notes: Jeremias Slabbert and his wife Matje Jaspers are mentioned in
the Westkapelle Weesakte dealing with the distribution of her
father's estate, 1718, inv. no. 888.

Details of their marriage and their children's names are given
in the information placed on the internet by Anne J. C. Simonse.


Matje Jaspers 12 died before 1730

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