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Jan Smit
died 1696
Adriana Tol
1656-after 1722
Floris Slabbert
1656-before 1730
Huijbregtje Jasperz
Jacobus Smit
1689-circa 1752
Elisabeth Slabbert
1691-circa 1771
Alewijn Smit Jacobuszoon 1
farmer 2
burger of Stellenbosch 3
born 1734 4
baptized 4 July 1734, Cape Town 5
died 25 January 1787 6
will dated 9 April 1774
and filed 12 February 1788
There is no mention in the marriage register entry as to whether
he or his wife had been previously married or not, nor is there
any patronymic to indicate who his father was.

At the baptism of his daughter, Aletta Catharina, in 1769, his name
is entered as Alewijn Smit (Jacobus zoon); on the death notice of
his son, Jacobus Hendrik, he is entered as 'Alewyn Smit, Jacobus
Zoon'; in the joint will made by him and his wife in 1774 he is named
as Alewijn Smit Jacobz. and in the estate distribution file produced
by the Weeskamer on the death of his widow, Engela Helena van
Niekerk, made in July 1820, her late husband is stated to have been
Alewyn Smith Jacobuszoon.

For this and other reasons (see Alewyn Smit de oude) I have not
followed De Villiers/Pama for the parentage of this man but take
him to be b2c12, page 893.

His baptism was witnessed by Alewijn Smit and Helena Gous.

For more details on the descendants of this couple see also the
Jan Smit Lineage web site.

married October 1756 at Swartland 7

Engela Helena van Niekerk
circa 1738-circa 1820


Engela Helena
1758 -

Jacobus Hendrik
1760 -

Maria Margrita


Johannes Cornelis

Adriana Beatrix

Aletta Catharina
1769 -


Helena Alberta
1775 -

Katarina Johanna
1777 -

Nicolaas Albertus
1778 -

children of Alewijn Smit and Engela Helena van Niekerk

Elizabeth Smit 8 born 1757
born 1757 9
baptized 25 September 1757, Swartland 10

Stephanus Christiaan Smit 11 circa 1738-circa 1820

Engela Helena Smit 1758-circa 1792
born 11 November 1758
baptized 24 December 1758, Swartland
died circa October 1792

Willem Myburgh 12
of the loan farm De Klipheuwel on the Berg River

Jacobus Hendrik Smit 1760-1834
born 18 March 1760
baptized 6 April 1760, Swartland
died 9 February 1834, at Kleinevaley, District of Stellenbosch
 married 11 April 1784 Swartland

Margaretha Wilhelmina Louw 13 died before 1820

Maria Margrita Smit 14 born 1761
born 27 December 1761 15
baptized 31 January 1762, Swartland 16

Albert Myburgh 17 1766-1843

Frans Smit born 1763
born 14 May 1763 18
baptized 26 June 1763, Swartland 19

Notes: baptized Francois, called Frans in his mother's Estate Distribution
Accounts, 1820.

Johannes Cornelis Smit born 1765
born 18 September 1765 20
baptized 13 October 1765, Swartland 21

Adriana Beatrix Smit 22 born 1767
born 14 September 1767 23
baptized 18 October 1767, Swartland 24

Notes: baptized as Adriana Hendrina, but called Adriana Beatrix in her
mother's Estate Distribution Accounts, 1820.


Maarten Smit 25

Aletta Catharina Smit 1769-before 1820
born 30 July 1769
baptized 17 September 1769, Swartland
died before July 1820

Hendrik Mostert 26

Huijbregtje Smit born 1772
baptized 4 October 1772, Swartland 27

Notes: She is not mentioned in her mother's Estate Distribution Accounts
of 1820 so presumably she had already died without leaving any heirs.

Helena Alberta Smit 1775-before 1820
born 14 September 1775
baptized 22 October 1775, Swartland
died before July 1820

Theunis Carstens 28 died before 1820

Katarina Johanna Smit 1777-before 1820
born 31 May 1777
baptized 3 August 1777, Swartland
died before July 1820

Nicolaas Everhardus Lambrechts

Nicolaas Albertus Smit 1778-1822
born 24 December 1778, at the Cape
baptized 17 January 1779, Swartland
died 3 February 1822
 married (1)

Margaretha Magdalena Blignault 29
 married (2) December Cape Town

Jacoba Catharina Mostert 30

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