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Harry Stanbinorth
died 1590
William Gawyn
Ursula Barley
Grimball Stanbinorth
1565-circa 1614
Elizabeth Gawne
born 1568
Richard Stanbinorth
born 1600
baptized 29 November 1600, All Saints, Hastings
I have allocated all the children born to Richard and Mary Stanbinorth
to this man, allocating him both marriages between a Richard S. and a
Mary. He seemed to be the closest Richard S. in age for a first in 1625
and the second marriage with Mary Enernden, widow, seemed likely,
given the date of his first wife's death.

married (1) 21 November 1625 at St. Clements, Hastings 1

Mary Stotion
died 1654

1629 -




born and died

born and died



married (2) 5 December 1655 at All Saints, Hastings

Mary Enernden


children of Richard and Mary Stanbinorth

Richard Stanbinorth 1629-1641
born 1629
baptized 1 January 1628/29, St. Clements, Hastings
died 1641
buried 3 October 1641, All Saints, Hastings 2

Peter Stanbinorth born 1631
baptized 9 January 1630/31, All Saints, Hastings
 married (1) 21 December 1654 All Saints, Hastings

Mary Ellis
 married (2) 19 April 1672 Ewhurst, Sussex

Mary Ellis

Elizabeth Stanbinorth born 1633
baptized 16 May 1633, All Saints, Hastings
buried 5 April 1641, All Saints, Hastings 3

Theiadoca Stanbinorth born 1633
baptized 27 October 1633, All Saints, Hastings

Thomas Stanbinorth born and died 1640
born 1640
baptized 26 May 1640, All Saints, Hastings
died 1640
buried 10 October 1640, All Saints, Hastings

John Stanbinorth born and died 1642
born 1642
baptized 28 August 1642, All Saints, Hastings 4
died 1642
buried 19 September 1642, All Saints, Hastings 5

Notes: If we assume that this John and the next are both the children
of the same Richard Stanbinorth it is most likely that this child
died before the other was baptized and there is a burial in the
All Saints register at this date for John Stanbynorthe,
no identification or age given.

John Stanbinorth born 1643
baptized 24 September 1643, All Saints, Hastings
buried 7 June 1679, Hastings


Mary Stanbinorth born 1646
baptized 22 November 1646, All Saints, Hastings

children of Richard and Mary Stanbinorth

Tabitha Stanbinorth born 1657
baptized 8 January 1656/57, All Saints, Hastings
buried 26 February 1676/77, St. Clements 6

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