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John Woollerson
Matthew Woolerston
died 1730
William Wollaston
of Kings Lynn
born circa 1716, (assumption - based on father's will)
died September 1771
will dated 23 September 1771
and proved 4 October 1771,
In his will dated 5th May 1730, Matthew Woolerston, charged his wife,
Elizabeth, with the putting out of his son to a trade, stipulating that this
should be done within the months next after his decease. This would
imply that the son, William, was then already about 14 years old or per-
haps even older as he was named as joint executor with his mother.

On 5 July 1730 Elizabeth Woollaston,widow of this parish, was married
in Denver Church to Thomas Kirrich, singleman of Watlington.

In his will dated 24th September 1761 Thomas Kirrich, common brewer
of Outwell, Norfolk, mentions his wife Elizabeth and, among others, the
children of William Wollesson of Kings Lynn, wheelwright. His will is my
main evidence so far for the identification of this William Wollaston, the
wheelwright of Kings Lynn, as being the same person as William the
son of Matthew Woolerston as mentioned above.

married (1)
died 1763

b. c1739

b. c1744


1755 -

(2) 30 August 1764 at St. Nicholas, Kings Lynn

died 1798
buried 11 July 1798, St. Nicholas, Lynn
will dated 18 November 1796
and proved 19 July 1798,

Notes: I have not yet found her maiden name.
When she married William Wollaston as his second wife in 1764
she was Elizabeth Goldsbury, widow. After William Wollaston's
death she married Philip Tuck of Kings Lynn and it was as
Elizabeth Tuck that she left the will that gave me my main docu-
mentary evidence that Martha Fysh was the daughter of Francis
Fysh, tailor and woolen draper of Lynn.

children of William and Margaret Wollaston

Thomas Wollaston born circa 1739
born circa 1739, (if this is the Thos Wollaston buried in Kings Lynn 1811 aged 72)

Notes: There is a Thomas Wollaston buried Kings Lynn St. Magaret 5 April 1811,
aged 72. Also his wife Sarah, buried 11 June 1806.

Matthew Wollaston born circa 1744
customhouse officer
freeman of Lynn (between 1765 - 1766)
born circa 1744, (if he was 21 when he took up the freedom of Lynn)
buried 14 September 1796, St. Nicholas, Lynn
will dated 31 August 1791
and proved 24 March 1797,

William Wollaston born 1751
baptized 28 July 1751, St. Nicholas, Lynn

Notes: He is not mentioned in Thomas Kirrich's will of 1761 or in his father's
will of 1771, so he is assumed to have died without heirs before 1761.

Elizabeth Wollaston 1755-1807
born 1755
baptized 26 October 1755, St. Nicholas, Lynn
died 1807
buried 7 September 1807, All Saints, South Lynn
 married 5 October 1775 at St. Nicholas, Lynn

Francis Fysh before 1754-1809
tailor and woollen draper
of Kings Lynn

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