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Henry Billing 1
born circa 1640, (based on date of first child)
died December 1719 2
buried 19 December 1719, Weasenham All Saints 3
In her will proved 8 November 1687 Susan Billing left to her daughter
Anne Billing and her son-in-law Henry Billing, 3 roods of land in
Spamer Fould, abutting upon the King's Highway leading to 'Lutcham'.

In 1744 Henry Billing, grandson of Henry and Anne Billing took up
ownership of the piece of copyhold land lying in Sparmer Furlong,
Weasenham, apparently upon the death of the longest living of his
two grandparents.

In the Court Roll of 10 October 1744 he, Henry Billing the grandson, is
described as the nephew and heir of Thomas Billing who was eldest
son and heir of the said Henry Billing and Anne his wife.

The land is described as '3 roods of Copyhold Land lying and being in
a certain place called Sparmer Furlong near the King's Highway in
Weasenham' and it is stated that Henry and Anne Billing had taken
posession of it 'by the last will and testament of Thomas Billing father
of the said Anne as at a court holden ... 3 January 1687'.

(Source: Manor of Weasenham East Hall, Court Books, 1602 - 1914
Norfolk Record Office)

married 27 June 1665 at Weasenham All Saints 4

Ann Billing

1666 -

1668 -


1672 -

born & died

born & died

1682 -

1689 -

children of Henry and Ann Billing

Thomas Billing 1666-circa 1728
labourer (1720) 5
of Hellhoughton 6
born 1666
baptized 3 March 1665/66, Weasenham All Saints 7
died circa 1728, (based on will probate date)
will dated 29 October 1720
and proved 22 August 1728

Notes: When he married Amy Spurn in 1720 he was described as a

On 29th August 1722, at a Court of East Hall Manor, Weasenahm, he was
admitted to the copy hold land previously held by his mother, Anne Billing,
by right of inheritance as her eldest son.

In his will of 1720 he mentions his brothers John Billing and James Billing,
both of Weasenham, and his kinswoman Ann Pack, wife of John Pack of

 married 19 April 1720 Hellhoughton 8

Amy Spurn died circa 1741
died circa December 1741, Hellhoughton 9

Notes: The Amy Billing who died in December 1741 is described as a spinster
in her will but I think she must be the widow of Thomas. She names John
Pack and Thomas Spurn as executors.

John Billing 1668-before 1672
born 1668
baptized Weasenham All Saints 10
died before 1672, (assumed)

Henry Billing born 1669
baptized 29 August 1669, Weasenham All Saints 11

Notes: In his will of 1720, his brother Thomas Billing mentions only
two brothers, John and James.

Henry was therefore probably dead before this date. There is a
burial in Weasenham All Saints parish register for a Henry Billing
on 19th December 1719. I had assumed this to be his father but as
Henry Billling (his nephew, son of John) did not succeed his grand
parents, Henry and Anne Billing, until 1744 in the ownership of the
copyhold close called Sparmer, then we may presume that at least
one of that couple lived until around 1744.

John Billing 1672-1740
born 1672
baptized 20 August 1672, Weasenham All Saints
died 1740
buried 2 December 1740, Weasenham All Saints

Mary died 1719

Mary Billing born & died 1674
born 1674
baptized 8 November 1674, Weasenham All Saints 12
died November 1674
buried 25 November 1674, Weasenham All Saints 13

James Billing born & died 1678
born 1678
baptized 7 February 1677/78, Weasenham All Saints 14
died 1678
buried 11 April 1678, Weasenham All Saints 15

James Billing 1682-1758
born 1682
baptized 8 April 1682, Weasenham All Saints
died May 1758
buried 14 May 1758, Weasenham All Saints
 married 18 October 1703 Weasenham All Saints

Susan Goodwin

Mary Billing 1689-1693
born 1689
baptized 6 February 1688/89, Weasenham All Saints 16
died 1693
buried 8 October 1693, Weasenham All Saints 17

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