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John Billing 1
of Weasenham All Saints 2
died circa November 1568, (based on will probate date)
buried 23 October 1569, Weasenham All Saints 3
will dated (no date given)
and proved 19 November 1568
He is the father of James Billing baptised Weasenham All Saints
in 1568.

In his will proved 1568 he lists his sons as 'John my Eldest Son',
'John my second son', 'Thomas my third son', and 'James my
youngest son' but makes no mention of any daughters.

Presumably either John the second son or Thomas the third son
was the father of the Giles Billing mentioned by John Billing the
Elder in his will of 1730 as 'my nephew Giles Billing ... my heyer
by the common lawes of this realme ...'

I find a discrepancy between his date of burial and the date his
will was proved. I will need to check the burial entry again to
check that (31 July 2002).




unknown son

unknown daughter



b. c1560

1568 -

children of John and Rose Billing

John Billing 4
of Weasenham All Saints 5
buried 15 September 1634, Weasenham All Saints
(this burial is assumed to be his) 6
will dated 4 March 1630/31,
With a codicil dated 10th March 1630
and another dated 7th September 1635
and proved 19 September 1635, to Richard Burges (year doubtful)

Notes: Described as John Billing the Elder in his will of 1630.

There are no children of his own mentioned in his will of 1630
but he mentions many other relations: his brothers, sister,
nephew and several other kinsmen.

He left some land to the parish to provide an income to be
applied to the poor of the parish.

 married 16 November 1572 Weasenham All Saints 7

Margery Wilkins died 1615
died November 1615, (described as my late wife in her husband's will)
buried 11 November 1615, Weasenham All Saints 8

Notes: Her kinsman, Christopher Wilkin is mentioned in a codicil to the
will of John Billing, dated 10th March 1630, and again in a further
codicil dated 7th September 1635.

unknown son Billing

unknown daughter Billing

unknown Burges

John Billing died 1624/25
died February 1624/25
buried 16 February 1624/25, Weasenham All Saints 9

Notes: In his father's will named as John Byllyn my second son.

Thomas Billing

Notes: In his father's will named as Thomas Byllyn my third son.

Parnell Billing 10 born circa 1560
born circa 1560, (based on date of marriage)
 married 2 October 1589 Weasenham All Saints 11

Richard Springall

James Billing 1568-1647
born 1568
baptized 12 October 1568, Weasenham All Saints
died November 1647
buried 25 November 1647, Weasenham All Saints

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