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Edward Simmons
Mary Beslee
Mary Simmons
born 1773
baptized 26 November 1773, All Saints, Staplehurst 1
Edward Simmons, Mary's father, left her five hundred pounds in his
original will but in a later codicil he revoked this. He stated that he
had advanced and loaned Stephen various sums equating to three
hundred and twenty pounds for which Stephen had declined to provide
security. His executors were instructed to invest one hundred and
eighty pounds and the interest to be paid to Mary while the principal
was to be shared amongst her children when they reached twenty one
years of age. Mary's inheritance was to be independent of her husband's
money. ( information supplied by Kevin Robards, 14 January 2009,
Will of Edward Simmons, PCC PROB 11/1660 dated 16 July 1822 )

married 22 August 1793 at Staplehurst Parish Church, Kent

Stephen Thwaites
born 1755
tallow chandler and farmer 2
of Staplehurst 3





1800 -

1801 -



1811 -

children of Mary and Stephen Thwaites

Stephen Thwaites born 1794
born 21 February 1794
baptized 12 March 1794, Staplehurst Parish Church, Kent
buried 18 April 1866, Hastings Cemetery
 married 27 February 1815 Seal, Kent

Hannah Nash

Thomas Thwaites born 1795
born 5 September 1795
baptized 2 October 1795, Staplehurst Parish Church, Kent

John Thwaites born 1796
born 10 December 1796
baptized 17 January 1797, Staplehurst Parish Church, Kent

George Thwaites born 1798
born 24 June 1798
baptized 8 August 1798, Staplehurst Parish Church, Kent

Charles Thwaites 1800-1860
born 8 May 1800
baptized 27 June 1800, Staplehurst Parish Church, Kent
died 14 February 1860, Hawkhurst, Kent
will dated 4 January 1860
and proved 17 May 1860, Principal Probate Registry

Mary Ann

Edward Thwaites 1801-before 1881
born 4 October 1801
baptized 16 November 1801, Staplehurst Parish Church, Kent
died before 1881
 married 19 February 1833 St. Clements, Hastings

Mary Standen
of 38 Lennox Street, Hastings

Jeremiah Thwaites born 1806
born 17 October 1806, Staplehurst, Kent
baptized 2 November 1806, Staplehurst Parish Church, Kent
 married 19 May 1834 Fairlight, Sussex

Harriet Igguldon circa 1810-before 1881

James Thwaites born 1808
born 5 April 1808
baptized 10 April 1808, Staplehurst Parish Church, Kent

Silina Maria

Richard Thwaites 1811-1812
born 22 November 1811
baptized 24 November 1811, Staplehurst Parish Church, Kent
died 1812, Staplehurst
buried 27 March 1812, Staplehurst Parish Church, Kent

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