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Martha Kent
born circa 1734
died 1815 1
buried 15 January 1815, All Saints, Hastings 2
married 9 January 1759 at Hastings, St. Clements 3

( information supplied by Christine Salt)

Jeremiah Thwaites
Master of the sloop the Blessed Attendant Mary
of Hastings, Sussex

1756 -


1765 -

1766 -

born & died

1770 -


children of Martha and Jeremiah Thwaites

Jeremiah Thwaites 1756-before 1803
born 1756
baptized 19 March 1756, St. Clements, Hastings 4
died before 1803

Mary Thwaites born 1762
born 1762, Hastings, Sussex
baptized 5 March 1762, All Saints, Hastings

Jas. Davies

Thomas Thwaites 1765-1833
born 1765, Hastings, Sussex
baptized 6 March 1765, All Saints, Hastings
died 12 August 1833, Hastings, Sussex
buried All Saints, Hastings
 married 30 November 1784 All Saints, Hastings

Rachel Thatcher

Henry Thwaites 1766-1819
born 1766, Hastings, Sussex
baptized 24 October 1766, All Saints, Hastings
died 1819, Hastings, Sussex
buried 3 April 1819, All Saints, Hastings
 married 29 March 1787 Hastings, St. Clements

Lucy Richardson born circa 1769

John Thwaites born & died 1768
born 1768, Hastings, Sussex
baptized 20 November 1768, All Saints, Hastings
died 1768, Hastings, Sussex
buried 29 January 1769, All Saints, Hastings

George Thwaites 1770-before 1803
born 1770, Hastings, Sussex
baptized 4 February 1770, All Saints, Hastings
died before 1803, (assumed) 5

Martha Thwaites born 1772
born 1772, Hastings, Sussex
baptized 1 May 1772, All Saints, Hastings

Notes: She is mentioned in her grandmother's will of 1803 as
'Thomas Henry Mary and Martha the four children of my late son
Jeremiah Thwaites deceased' and was presumably still living at
that date.

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