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Bernardus van Biljon 1
of De Goede Hoop, Drakenstein 2
born Overis, in Brabant 3
died circa December 1746 4
will dated 14 January 1742
In the muster roll of 1717 he is listed as a soldier, stationed
in the Land of Waveren, presumably on the Buitenpost there.
(CD page 43)

On 2nd December 1717, as a soldier of the Dutch East India
Company, he signed a contract in the Castle at the Cape to
serve Maria Sibella Sax, the wife of Pieter Jansz: Swanepoel,
as a farm hand. This contract was renewed several times, so
he presumably remained in her service until January 1722.
(Cape Archives, CJ 2878,124)

In 1723 he petitioned the Council of Policy for Burgher rights,
stating that he was from Overis and had arrived at the Cape
in 1707 as a soldier aboard the ship 'Hoedskenkerk' and had
occupied himself since then mostly with agriculture.

(quoted from: H.C.V.Leibbrandt, Precis of the Archives of the
Cape of Good Hope: Requesten (Memorials) volume IV, page

His wives and children are given as listed in his Deceased
Estate Accounts of 1747.

In these accounts there are three farms mentioned, called
'Bonte Rivier', 'Groene Rivier' and 'Coetsenburg', as having
been sold to various people.

married (1)

Maria Walters
died circa 1732
of De Goede Hoop, Drakenstein 5


Ernst Hendrik

Regina Barbara
1729 -

married (2)

Anna Geertruijd Fick
died circa 1740




Johanna Barbara

(3) before 14 January 1742 (date of their joint will) 23

( this marriage is assumed from the fact that the
couple made a joint will 1742)

Anna Cornelisz van Oud Beyerland
born Cape of Good Hope 24
died circa November 1742 25

married (4) 12 April 1744 at Stellenbosch 26

Judith van der Wat
of Coetsenburg 27


children of Bernardus van Biljon and Maria Walters

Anna van Biljon 6 born 1724
born 1724 7
baptized 11 June 1724, Drakenstein 8

Notes: In the inventory drawn up after her mother's death
in 1732 her name is given as Johanna.


Bartholomeus Zaaijman 9

Ernst Hendrik van Biljon 10 born 1727
born 1727 11
baptized 2 February 1727, Drakenstein 12

Regina Barbara van Biljon 1729-after 1797
born 1729, Cape of Good Hope
baptized 1729, Drakenstein
died after 1797
buried 1798
 married (1)

Johannes Thomas Rodewald 13 died circa 1791
of the farm Versailles, Drakenstein
 married (2) 15 September 1748 Stellenbosch

Sebastiaan George Wolfaart 14 died 1766
of the farm Versailles, Wagenmakersvalley

children of Bernardus van Biljon and Anna Geertruijd Fick

Maria van Billion born 1733
born 1733 15
baptized 6 September 1733, Drakenstein 16

Susanna van Billion born 1735
born 1735 17
baptized 17 July 1735, Stellenbosch 18

Notes: She was not mentioned in the inventory
drawn up after her mother's death which occurred
before 7 May 1740 when instructions were issued to
draw up an the inventory.

Aletta van Billion born 1736
born 1736 19
baptized 9 September 1736, Stellenbosch 20

Johanna Barbara van Billion born 1739
born 1739 21
baptized 1739, Stellenbosch 22

children of Bernardus van Biljon and Judith van der Wat

Geertruyd van Billion 28

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