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Anna Geertruijd Fick 1
died circa August 1740 2
The date of 23rd August 1740, is mentioned in the deceased estate
accounts of Bernardus van Billion (1747) in connection with the
payment of the children's maternal inheritances:

Sooveel den overleedene ten behoeve syner kinderen met
naame Ernst Hendrik, Regina Balderina, Maria, Aletta, en
Johanna van Billion voor moederlijke erportien - blijkens
actens van uijtcoop de datis 23 Maij 1732 en 23 Augs. 1740
ter deeser Camer heeft vertigt ...


Bernardus van Biljon
died circa 1746
of De Goede Hoop, Drakenstein 3




Johanna Barbara

children of Anna Geertruijd Fick and Bernardus van Biljon

Maria van Billion born 1733
born 1733 4
baptized 6 September 1733, Drakenstein 5

Susanna van Billion born 1735
born 1735 6
baptized 17 July 1735, Stellenbosch 7

Notes: She was not mentioned in the inventory
drawn up after her mother's death which occurred
before 7 May 1740 when instructions were issued to
draw up an the inventory.

Aletta van Billion born 1736
born 1736 8
baptized 9 September 1736, Stellenbosch 9

Johanna Barbara van Billion born 1739
born 1739 10
baptized 1739, Stellenbosch 11

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