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List of people in the Kendall family tree

65 individuals, 25 families, 20 surnames

Alexander, Catherine (born 1767) 
Barker, John  of Carbrook, Norfolk 
Collyer, Charlotte Ann (1807-1834) 
Collyer, John Bedingfeld (born 1777) 
Death, Amy (born 1739) 
Death, Amy (born 1756) 
Death, Ann (born 1750) 
Death, Francis  
Death, John (born 1753) 
Death, Sarah (born 1759) 
Death, Thomas (born 1756) 
Dunn, Amy  
Dunn, Caroline (born before 1803) 
Dunn, Charlotte (born after 1803) 
Dunn, Elizabeth (died after 1870) 
Dunn, Frederick (after 1803-1840) 
Dunn, John (died 1734) 
Dunn, Mary Ann  
Dunn, Rebeccah (circa 1796-after 1851) of York Terrace, Great Yarmouth 
Dunn, Salisbury (1725-1803) of The Parsonage, Burwell 
Dunn, Salisbury (circa 1753-1823) of Burwell 
Dunn, Salisbury (circa 1788-1848), Maltster, of Whittlesford, Cambs 
Dunn, Salisbury (1829-1832) 
Dunn, Sarah  
Dunn, Sarah (circa 1753-1786) 
Dunn, Sarah (born circa 1791) of North Street, Burwell - in Edward Ball's house 
Dunn, Susannah  
Dunn, William  
Dunn, William (1801-1868) of Burwell House, Burwell 
Finch, Charles , Charles Finch and Son, Ironmongers, Market Street, Cambridge, of Cambridge 
Foster, Robert  of Lynn - marriage entry, Isleham 
Harris, Caroline (born 1828) 
Harris, Edward (born 1829) 
Harris, Eliza Ann  of Littlebury 
Harris, George Hemington (born after 1792) of Trumpington, Cambridge 
Harris, Henry Hemington  
Harris, Joseph  of St. Pauls Churchyard, London in 1792 by 1822, Pentonville, Middlesex 
Harris, Joseph Hemington (circa 1801-1881), Vicar of the united parishes of Tormohun and Cockington, co. Devon
from December 1848 to October 1879, of The College of York (presumably Canada) in 1836 and in 1881 Sorel, Croft Road, Tormorham, Devon 
Harris, Mary J. Y. (born circa 1872) 
Harris, unknown son (died before 1881) 
Hemington, Ann  
Hemington, Grace  
Hemington, John (died circa 1836) of Trumpington, Cambridge 
Hemington, John (died circa 1798), gentleman, of Denny Abbey, Cambridgeshire 
Hovell, Eliza Rebecca (born circa 1821) 
Hovell, John Rayner (died before 1832) of Cambridge 
Johnson, Susannah  
Kent, Sarah (died before 1784) 
Norman, William  
Nutter, James , Thos. Nutter and Sons, Maltsters, Coal Merchants, Corn and Seed Merchants, Magedelen Street, Cambridge, of Cambridge 
Riste, ?  
Riste, Ann (circa 1763-1832) 
Riste, Elizabeth  
Salisbury, Alice (died 1750) 
Skipper, John Benson , clergyman, of Wilsborough, Kent 
Stutter, Sarah Spencer (circa 1797-1838) 
Webb, Henry  of London 
Yonge, Jane (circa 1798-1879) 

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