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List of people in the Kemp family tree

116 individuals, 29 families, 29 surnames

Ball, Frederick Eustace, farmer of Knodishall Hall, Knodishall, Suffolk (1869-1932)
Ball, Salisbury, farmer, miller & coprolite raiser of The Parsonage, Burwell (1836-1896)
Cameron, Alexander 
Cameron, John 
Cameron, Margaret 
Dyson, Hilda Gladys 
Farquhar, Agnes (1849-1917)
Farquhar, John 
Fielding, Emily (1838-1919)
Galloway, Andrew 
Galloway, Christen (born 1773)
Galloway, Isobel (born 1781)
Galloway, Janet (born 1779)
Gordon, Catherine 
Green, Arthur 
Green, unknown 
Hair, Annie (born 1879)
Hair, David, cooper of Livingstone Village (born 1843)
Hair, David (born 1883)
Hair, Elizabeth (born 1886)
Hair, Hugh (born 1868)
Hair, James (born 1881)
Hair, Jane (born 1888)
Hair, Jessie (born 1817)
Hair, Jessie (born 1872)
Hair, William (born 1873)
Hunter, Agnes 
Hutchinson, Jessie 
Jamieson, Margaret (born 1819)
Kemp, Agnes Farquhar (born 1873)
Kemp, Agnes Liddell (born 1864)
Kemp, Alexander (born 1796)
Kemp, Andrew Murray (born 1848)
Kemp, Ann Stewart (born 1851)
Kemp, Catharine (born 1806)
Kemp, Catharine Munro (born 1821)
Kemp, Catherine (born 1849)
Kemp, Christina (1858-1894)
Kemp, Daniel (born 1799)
Kemp, David (born 1796)
Kemp, Elizabeth (born 1825)
Kemp, Elizabeth Bisset (born 1856)
Kemp, James, weaver (born 1790)
Kemp, James, plumber of 39 Portugal Street, Hutchesontown, Glasgow (1817-1895)
Kemp, James (1843-1916)
Kemp, James (born 1880)
Kemp, Jane Smith (born 1853)
Kemp, Jessie (born 1877)
Kemp, Jessie Bullock (1860-1914)
Kemp, John (born 1863)
Kemp, Margaret (born 1827)
Kemp, Margaret (born 1845)
Kemp, Margaret Murray (born 1875)
Kemp, Peter (born 1792)
Kemp, William, sailor of Aberdeen 
Kirkwood, Margaret 
Landess, James (born 1889)
Landess, Jane Henderson (born 1890)
Landess, Margaret (born 1884)
Landess, Robert, journeyman blacksmith of 6 Glenview Terrace, Neilstow Road, Paisley 
Landess, Robert (born 1887)
Mccready, Sarah Jane 
Mcnab, Margaret 
Moffat, Agnes L. (born 1874)
Moffat, Annie E. (born 1879)
Moffat, Birtie 
Moffat, Elizabeth 
Moffat, James (born 1876)
Moffat, Jeannie May (born 1878)
Moffat, John, Cashier in Flax & Jute Mill of 9 Windsor Street, Barrow in Furness, Lancashire 
Moffat, John 
Moffat, John 
Moffat, Lilly 
Moffat, Margaret Isabel (born 1880)
Moffat, Wiliam (born 1875)
Munro, Ann (born 1883)
Munro, Christina (born 1881)
Munro, Donald, gardener of Cromarty (died before 1790)
Munro, Jessie (born 1888)
Munro, John 
Munro, Katherine 
Munro, Maggie (born 1886)
Munro, Robert (born 1890)
Munro, William (born 1852)
Murray, Andrew, corporal, 29th Regiment 
Murray, Andrew (born 1826)
Murray, Christian (born 1824)
Murray, Elles (born 1818)
Murray, Jane (born 1812)
Murray, Janet (born 1822)
Murray, John (born 1828)
Murray, Margaret (1819-1896)
Murray, William (born 1831)
Rae, Agnes 
Reid, Agnes 
Sands, John 
Sands, John (born 1867)
Savage, Agnes McHugh (born 1879)
Savage, Thomas Thomson 
Shepherd, Robert 
Shepherd, William (born 1864)
Stewart, Janet (born 1800)
Stewart, John (born 1797)
Stewart, Margaret (1802-before 1872)
Still, Christen (born 1793)
Still, James (born 1801)
Still, Janet (born 1803)
Still, John (born 1801)
Still, John (born 1805)
Still, Margaret (born 1794)
Still, Mary (born 1807)
Still, William 
Stuart, Ann (born 1795)
Stuart, James, farmer of Elgin 
Warnes, Walter Haukley 

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