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John Marsters
Honor Kenney
William Le Nain
died 1797
Edmund Marsters
Harriet Le Nain
circa 1797-1868
Sarah Carter Marsters 1
born 27 October 1824, Docking, Norfolk 2
baptized 15 November 1824, Docking 3
died 16 November 1859, Lynn 4
After the deaths of their parents, their father from a stroke and their
mother from consumption (tuberculosis), the orphans were looked
after by their maternal grandfather, Edmund Marsters, and in the 1861
census they are living in Ludgen Hill Cottage, Docking, being looked
after by a nurse Sarah Melton aged 26.

The information for this family comes from the will of Ann Marsters,
died 1893, and from Steve Parrinder, who researches the Parrinder

married 23 November 1854 at Docking, Norfolk 5

William Parrinder
circa 1809-1859

Harriet Elizabeth
1856 -

William Marsters
b. c1858

John Thomas
1859 -

children of Sarah Carter and William Parrinder

Harriet Elizabeth Parrinder 6 1856-1873
born 1856, Walpole St. Peter
died 6 January 1873, Docking, Norfolk 7

Notes: She, too, died of consumption, says Steve Parrinder.

William Marsters Parrinder born circa 1858
born circa 1858, Walpole St. Peter
 married 7 June 1885 Beckenham, Kent

Ann Mitchell 8

John Thomas Parrinder 1859-1911
born 30 March 1859, Walpole St. Peter
baptized 1 July 1859, Walpole St. Peter
died 16 November 1911, Queensland, Australia
buried 1911, Toowoomba Cemetery
 married 30 June 1894 All Saints, Deptford

Frances N. Claxton died 1953

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