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List of people in the Marsters family tree

294 individuals, 79 families, 45 surnames

Allfrey, Beatrice F. (born 1900) 
Atwell, Jane (born circa 1806) 
Balding, Anna (born circa 1826) 
Billing, Honor (1746-1795) 
Boulter, John (born circa 1786) 
Carter, Benjamin (born circa 1772) of South Rainham, Norfolk 
Claxton, Frances N. (died 1953) 
Daubney, Elizabeth  
Ellis, Ann (died after 1836) 
Ellis, Mary  
Ellis, brother  
Ellis, unknown  
Failes, Charles R. (born circa 1897) 
Failes, Gerald W. (born circa 1893) 
Failes, Mary G. (born circa 1890) 
Failes, Watson (born circa 1853), farmer, of Tilney st. Lawrence 
Hastings, Richard  
Hodsen, James  
Hunt, John  
Jackson, Jessie M. (born circa 1875) of 30 Castle Meadow, Norwich 
Jackson, Marsters (born circa 1869), bankers clerk with Gurney & Co, Bank [Plain], Norwich , of 30 Castle Meadow, Norwich 
Jackson, William (born circa 1835), Senior cashier with Gurney & Co of Bank Street, Norwich, of 30 Castle Meadow, Norwich 
Jackson, William (born circa 1872) 
Kenney, Anna (born circa 1835) 
Kenney, Anna Maria (born circa 1849) 
Kenney, Edmund (circa 1732-1798), farmer, earlier bricklayer, of Gayton, formerly of Gt. Massingham 
Kenney, Edmund (born 1769) 
Kenney, Edmund (1774-circa 1856), farmer, of Aylsham Road, Hellesdon, Norwich 
Kenney, Edmund (born circa 1786), shoe maker, of Church Street, Great Massingham 
Kenney, Edmund (born circa 1847) 
Kenney, Edmund T. (born circa 1831), ropemaker's labourer 
Kenney, Edmund Thomas (born circa 1801), Costermonger 
Kenney, Eldred  
Kenney, Eliza (born circa 1833) 
Kenney, Elizabeth (born 1734) 
Kenney, Frances (born circa 1826) 
Kenney, Henry (born circa 1811), shoe maker, of Church Street, Great Massingham 
Kenney, Honor (1770-1802) 
Kenney, James (born circa 1844) 
Kenney, John (1740-1744) 
Kenney, John (1781-1808) of Grimston 
Kenney, Maria (born after 1787) 
Kenney, Maria (born circa 1825) 
Kenney, Mary (1729-1730) 
Kenney, Mary (born 1737) 
Kenney, Mary (born 1775) 
Kenney, Mary (born circa 1833) 
Kenney, Robert (born 1778) 
Kenney, Rose (born 1783) 
Kenney, Sarah (born circa 1772) 
Kenney, Susan (born circa 1815) 
Kenney, William (circa 1695-1774) 
Kenney, William (born 1726) 
Kenney, William (born 1779) 
Kenney, William (born 1785) 
Kenney, William (born circa 1839) 
King, Ann Marsters (born 1824), annuitant, of Kirby Street, Lynn 
King, Joseph (born circa 1799), chymist and druggist, of 21 Tuesday Market Place 
King, Mary (circa 1695-1781) 
Kirby, Alice (1726-1740) 
Kirby, Amey (1724-1725) 
Kirby, Amy  
Kirby, Ann (circa 1748-1802) 
Kirby, Francis (1722-1722/23) 
Kirby, Henry (died 1746), tailor 
Kirby, Henry (born 1713) 
Kirby, John  
Kirby, John (1719/20-1725) 
Kirby, Nathaniel (1718-1783), Gardener 
Kirby, Samuel (born 1710/11) 
Le Nain, Harriet (circa 1797-1868) 
Le Nain, William , taylor, of Stoke Ferry, Norfolk 
Marsters, Albert (circa 1842-1860) 
Marsters, Ann (died 1775) 
Marsters, Ann (born 1793) 
Marsters, Anne (1822-1893) of 4 Post Office Street, Docking St. Mary, Norfolk 
Marsters, Bessie L. (born circa 1875) of Seeche, South Lynn 
Marsters, Charles (circa 1845-1900), farmer, Saddlebow, Norfolk, of Lynn Road, Wiggenhall St. Mary 
Marsters, Charles William (1867-1922) of Laurel Villa, Gaywood Road, Gaywood 
Marsters, Constance Edith (1870-1918) 
Marsters, Edith Palmer (born circa 1869) of Seeche, South Lynn 
Marsters, Edmund (1794-1867), farmer, of Docking, Norfolk 
Marsters, Edward Ball (born 1839) 
Marsters, Edward Landsbury (born 1875) 
Marsters, Edward Landsbury (born 1879) 
Marsters, Elizabeth (1798-1817) 
Marsters, Francis (1838-1873), farmer 
Marsters, Frank S. (born circa 1866) 
Marsters, Gertrude Mary (born circa 1865) 
Marsters, Harriott Le Nain (circa 1820-1827) 
Marsters, Helen (born 1843) of 93 London Road, Lynn 
Marsters, Helen C. (born circa 1864) 
Marsters, Helena (born 1872) 
Marsters, Hilda Everett (born 1878) 
Marsters, Hilda M. (born 1881) 
Marsters, James Edward (born circa 1868) 
Marsters, James Saddleton (1831-1910) of 11 Portland Street, Lynn 
Marsters, Jessie (born 1836) 
Marsters, John  
Marsters, John (1770-1836), Gentleman, of Well Hall, Gayton, Norfolk 
Marsters, John (1800-1864), flour & cake manufacturers - bone, coal and lath merchant and steam saw mills, of Nelson Street, Lynn 
Marsters, John (born circa 1868), land agent's assistant, of 25 St Philips Road, Heigham, Norwich 
Marsters, John Elllis (born circa 1863) 
Marsters, John Le Nain (born 1819) 
Marsters, John Saddleton (1827-1828) 
Marsters, John Victor Harold (circa 1887-1915) 
Marsters, Laura Jane (born circa 1870) 
Marsters, Margaret (born circa 1828) 
Marsters, Maria Kenney (1833-1860) 
Marsters, Marie L. (born circa 1865), daily governess, of 25 St Philips Road, Heigham, Norwich 
Marsters, Martha (1830-1893) 
Marsters, Mary (1769-1771) 
Marsters, Mary (circa 1796-1880) 
Marsters, Mary (1826-1913) of 4 Post Office Street, Docking St. Mary, Norfolk 
Marsters, Mary Saddleton (born 1869) 
Marsters, Maudie Estelle (born 1876) 
Marsters, Muriel (born circa 1883) 
Marsters, Rosetta (born circa 1799), annuitant, of Kirby Street, Lynn 
Marsters, Saddleton (1834-1898), firm of J.M.Marsters, 1871 Flax Merchant, 1881-1891 Farmer, of Bridge Street, Lynn, 1871 North Runcton, 1881 South Lynn, 1883 Saddlebow, 1891 Seech, South Lynn 
Marsters, Saddleton (born circa 1866) of 36 Prah Street, Islington (as a boarder) 
Marsters, Sarah (circa 1742-before 1808) 
Marsters, Sarah (circa 1801-1814) 
Marsters, Sarah Carter (1824-1859) 
Marsters, Susan (circa 1747-1798) of Bawsey, Norfolk 
Marsters, Susan Maria (born circa 1862) 
Marsters, Susan W. F. (born circa 1889) 
Marsters, Thomas (circa 1744-1811), farmer, of Bawsey, Norfolk 
Marsters, Thomas (circa 1773-1843) of Gaywood, Norfolk 
Marsters, Thomas (1802-1820) 
Marsters, Thomas (1829-1875) 
Marsters, William Palmer (born circa 1871) 
Marsters, William Paninet Toller (born 1874) 
Marsters, William Toller (born 1868) 
Marsters, Winifred H. (born circa 1889) 
Miller, Ann (born 1710) 
Miller, Anthony (circa 1712-circa 1749/50) 
Miller, Jane (circa 1714-1778) 
Miller, John (died 1738) 
Miller, John (circa 1718/19-circa 1753) 
Miller, Mary (born 1716) 
Mitchell, Ann  
Nurse, Mary (born circa 1815) 
Oldmeadow, Thomas  
Parrinder, Ada Mary (1894-1976) 
Parrinder, Arthur R. (born and died 1924) 
Parrinder, Christine F. (born 1927) 
Parrinder, Francis John C. (1895-1982) 
Parrinder, Frederick Aurthu (1897-1958), baker's roundsman 
Parrinder, George F. (1923-circa 1960) 
Parrinder, Harriet Annie (born 1886) 
Parrinder, Harriet Elizabeth (1856-1873) 
Parrinder, Herbert Marsters (born 1889) 
Parrinder, John Thomas (1859-1911), Coldstream Guards 
Parrinder, Richard  
Parrinder, William (circa 1809-1859) 
Parrinder, William Marsters (born circa 1858), grocer 
Patrick, Anne (circa 1824-after 1881) of Queen Street, Lynn 
Patrick, Elizabeth Green (born 1838) 
Patrick, Honour (born circa 1841) 
Patrick, John (circa 1795-1841), grocer, of High Street, Lynn 
Patrick, John Marsters (born circa 1823) 
Patrick, Maria (born circa 1876) 
Patrick, Mary (born circa 1862) 
Patrick, Nathaniel Kirby (born 1833) 
Patrick, Thomas (born circa 1831) 
Patrick, William K. (born circa 1826), farmer, of Lowestoft Road, Flixton, Suffolk 
Pentecost, Frederick W.  
Russell, Ambrose (died before 1808) 
Russell, Ann  
Rust, Ann  
Rust, Anthony  
Rust, Anthony (1642-1720/21) of Necton in Norfolk 
Rust, Edward  
Rust, Edward (died 1678) of Necton 
Rust, Edward (born circa 1682/83) 
Rust, Elizabeth (born 1640) 
Rust, Jane (circa 1685-1758) of Leziate 
Rust, Mary (born circa 1688/89) 
Saddleton, Mary (1802-1871) 
Sharr, Sarah  
Skerret, William  of West Winch, Norfolk 
Smith, Ann  
Spinks, John Marsters (circa 1827-after 1881), farmer, of Raven Lane, Harpley, Norfolk 
Spinks, Marianne (born circa 1831) 
Spinks, Osbert (born circa 1795), farmer, of Docking, Norfolk 
Stockdale, Dorothy (born circa 1873) 
Stockdale, Edgar O. (born circa 1833), corn merchant, of Queen Street, Lynn 
Stockdale, Helen Ellizabeth (born circa 1843) of 25 St Philips Road, Heigham, Norwich 
Stone, Eileen M. (born 1915) 
Stone, John  
Sturley, Amy (born 1696) 
Sturley, Ann (born 1719) 
Sturley, Elias  
Sturley, Elias (1701/02-1785), farmer, of Great Welnetham, Suffolk 
Sturley, Elias (circa 1748-circa 1825) of Norfolk Street, Kings Lynn 
Sturley, Elizabeth  
Sturley, Elizabeth  
Sturley, Elizabeth (born 1695) 
Sturley, Elizabeth (born 1720) 
Sturley, Elizabeth (born 1751) 
Sturley, Hannah (born 1714) 
Sturley, Henry (born 1722) 
Sturley, John  of Sherneborne 
Sturley, John  
Sturley, John  
Sturley, John (circa 1714-1764), farmer, of Castle Rising 
Sturley, John (born circa 1752) 
Sturley, John (born circa 1756) 
Sturley, John (1760-1796) 
Sturley, Judith (circa 1703/04-1788) 
Sturley, Judith (born 1717) 
Sturley, Margaret (1755-circa 1779), singlewoman 
Sturley, Martha (born 1724) 
Sturley, Mary (born 1711) 
Sturley, Mary (born circa 1753) 
Sturley, Paul (born 1715) 
Sturley, Philippa (born circa 1760) 
Sturley, Phillipa (born circa 1700) 
Sturley, Robert (born and died 1709) 
Sturley, Sarah  
Sturley, Sarah (born 1724) 
Sturley, Stephen (born 1718) 
Sturley, Susan (born circa 1706) 
Sturley, Thomas (died 1780), farmer, of Stibbard 
Sturley, Thomas (born 1717) of Stibbard 
Sturley, Thomas (born 1721) 
Sturley, Thomas (born circa 1761) 
Sturley, William  
Sturley, William (died circa 1803) 
Sturley, William  
Sturley, William  
Sturley, William (born 1708) 
Sturley, William (born circa 1747) 
Sturley, William (born circa 1755) 
Sturley, William (born circa 1766) 
Sturley, unknown  
Sturman, William  
Wood, Elizabeth (circa 1777-1864) 
Wright, Ann  
Wright, John , farmer, of Wicken at Ashwicken cum Leaziat 
Wright, Mary  
Wright, Sarah (died 1849) 

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