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William Kenney
circa 1695-1774
Mary King
circa 1695-1781
Edmund Kenney
farmer, earlier bricklayer 1
of Gayton, formerly of Gt. Massingham 2
born circa 1732 3
died May 1798
buried 15 May 1798, Gayton, Norfolk
will dated 5 May 1797
and proved 22 May 1798, by John Marsters and Benjamin Carter
I have not so far found any baptism for Edmund. He and Honor, his wife,
are buried next to William and Mary Kenney in Gayton churchyard.

On the 2nd June 1747 the apprenticeship to Richard Dye, bricklayer,
of Great Massingham, of Edmund son of William Kenney, was registered.

In the Manor Roll of Westhall alias Gaytons in Gayton, Norfolk, session of
17 November 1766, he is described as 'Edmund Kenney of Gt. Massingham
in the county of Norfolk, bricklayer'.

I am prepared to accept these three facts as reasonable evidence that the
William and Mary Kenney who were married in Great Massingham and whose
children were baptized there, are the same as the William and Mary Kenney
buried in Gayton and that they are also the parents of Edmund Kenney.
(info on the apprenticeship records received from Janice Tostevin)

married 5 February 1767 at Gayton, Norfolk

Honor Billing



1770 -

b. c1772

1774 -




1781 -



children of Edmund and Honor Kenney

Eldred Kenney

Notes: over 21 in May 1797

Edmund Kenney born 1769
baptized 14 June 1769, Gayton, Norfolk

Honor Kenney 1770-1802
born between 1770 and 1771
baptized 3 January 1771, Gayton, Norfolk
died 22 November 1802
buried 24 November 1802, Gayton, Norfolk
 married 3 April 1793 Gayton, Norfolk

John Marsters 1770-1836
Gentleman (1815)
of Well Hall, Gayton, Norfolk

Sarah Kenney born circa 1772

Notes: we have no proof that Sarah was the daughter of Edmund Kenney
this is assumed because of
1. the executors of Edmund Kenney were John Marsters and Benjamin Carter
2. Edmund Kenney and his daughter Rose were witnesses at the marriage
3. will of Edmund mentions four girls, only Mary and Rose named

 married 17 December 1794 Gayton, Norfolk

Benjamin Carter born circa 1772
of South Rainham, Norfolk 4
born circa 1772 5
buried 26 March 1833, Gayton, Norfolk

Edmund Kenney 1774-circa 1856
born 1774, Gayton, Norfolk
baptized 26 February 1774, Gayton, Norfolk
died circa 1856

Mary Ann  6 circa 1777-1866

Mary Kenney born 1775
baptized 8 March 1775, Gayton, Norfolk

Robert Kenney born 1778
baptized 23 April 1778, Gayton, Norfolk
buried 2 May 1780, Gayton, Norfolk

William Kenney born 1779
baptized 29 August 1779, Gayton, Norfolk
buried 14 February 1780, Gayton, Norfolk

John Kenney 1781-1808
born 1781
baptized 18 May 1781, Gayton, Norfolk
died 16 August 1808
buried 20 August 1808, Gayton, Norfolk

Ann Russell 7

Rose Kenney born 1783
baptized 11 April 1783, Gayton, Norfolk

William Kenney born 1785
baptized 27 February 1785, Gayton, Norfolk
buried 14 May 1789, Gayton, Norfolk

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