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Mary  1
The will of Phlip Parlett (her husband) mentions his son-in-law John Barker.

I am assuming that this was a step son, son of his wife's previous husband,
(her name at marriage was Mary Barker, widow).

I have further assumed that she was the same person as the wife of John Barker
who baptised a number of children at Fring between 1702 and 1711 and died I
presume circa September 1714 (his widow, Mary Barker, made application for
letters of administration 21 September 1714 - Norfolk Record Office, ANW Admon
1715, John Barker of Fring, no. 5). I am assuing that this was her husband.

Mary Chandler and John Barker (no other info) were married in Great Bircham
1st October 1698. Gt Bircham is next door to Fring.

Philip Parlett himself was described as son-in-law of James Barker, yeoman of
Fring in his will of 1705, who also mentions his eldest son John Barker and his
daughter Elizabeth Barker.

From all of that I would conclude that Philip Parlett was a son of Mary, the wife
of James Barker, by a previous marriage.

married (1) 1700 at or thereabouts

( possibly this marriage from freereg:

County Norfolk
Place Great Bircham
Church name St Mary
Marriage date 01 Oct 1698
Groom forename John
Groom surname BARKER
Bride forename Mary
Bride surname CHANDLER


John B Barker
died circa 1714

1702 -

c1704 -






married (2) 27 March 1721 at Fring, All Saints 14

Philip Parlett
died circa 1751
of Docking 15

1722 -

1723 -

1724 -

children of Mary and John B Barker

Elizabeth Barker 2 1702-1717
born 1702
baptized 3 October 1702, Fring, Norfolk
died 1717
buried 14 October 1717, Fring, Norfolk 3

James Barker circa 1704-1704
born circa September 1704
baptized 9 September 1704, Fring, Norfolk 4
died September 1704
buried September 1704, Fring, Norfolk 5

James Barker born 1706
baptized 1 January 1705/06, Fring, Norfolk 6
buried 23 January 1705/06, Fring, Norfolk 7

John Barker born 1706
baptized 1 January 1705/06, Fring, Norfolk 8
buried 6 January 1705/06, Fring, Norfolk 9

Ann Barker born 1709
baptized 16 June 1709, Fring, Norfolk 10

John Barker 11 born 1711
baptized 11 March 1710/11, Fring, Norfolk 12

Petter Barker born 1713
baptized 15 February 1712/13, Fring, Norfolk 13

children of Mary and Philip Parlett

Mary Parlett 1722-1798
born 1722
baptized 18 February 1721/22, Fring, Norfolk
died February 1798
buried 24 February 1798, West Acre

James Saddleton 1719-1765
farmer - in 1765 he was the lessee of Westacre Abbey Farm (1756)
of Necton

Philippa Parlett 1723-1725
born 1723
baptized 8 October 1723, Fring, Norfolk 16
died 1725
buried 3 April 1725, Fring, Norfolk 17

Phebe Parlett 1724-1779
born 1724
baptized 27 December 1724, Fring, Norfolk
died 4 January 1779, Docking (assumed)
buried 7 January 1779, Docking

Hellery Cooper 18 circa 1724-1771

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