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List of people in the Saddleton family tree

146 individuals, 47 families, 33 surnames

[tur]ner, Margaret  
Anderson, Marmaduke (born 1737) 
Anderson, Thomas  
Baly, unknown  
Barker, John  
Barker, unknown (died before 1720/21) 
Bennett, William  of East Walton 
Black, William , carpenter, of West Winch 
Bones, James  of Fen Ditton, Cambridgeshire 
Bones, James  
Bones, John (died circa 1760), furrier, of Kings Lynn 
Bones, John  
Bones, Mary (born circa 1726) 
Bones, Robert  
Bones, Stephen  
Bones, Stephen  
Bones, unknown  
Bulman, James (born circa 1800), agricultural labourer, of Bank Street, Gayton 
Bulman, James (born circa 1829) 
Bulman, John (born circa 1834) 
Bulman, Ransom (born circa 1826) 
Bulman, William (born circa 1837) 
Carleton, James (1767-1768) 
Carleton, John  
Carleton, John (1759-1761) 
Carleton, Mary (born 1763) 
Clark, Anne (died 1804) 
Clarke, Ann (born circa 1800), labourer 
Collins, unknown  
Cooper, Hellery (circa 1724-1771) 
Cooper, Mary (died 1750/51) 
Cooper, Mary (born circa 1753) 
Cooper, Philip  
Cooper, Richard (circa 1752-1771) 
Fooy, James  
Fooy, William  
Fooy, unknown  
Fysh, Martha (circa 1777-1839) 
Gibson, John  
Gibson, William  of West Acre 
Gibson, William  
Harvy, Easter  
Harvy, Elizabeth  
Harvy, Mary  
Harvy, William  
Harvy, unknown (died before 1707) 
Hawley, Elizabeth (died 1704/05) 
Howard, Henry (born circa 1840) 
Howard, Margaret (born circa 1845) 
Howard, Robert (born circa 1809), labourer, of Gayton 
Howard, Thomas (born circa 1832), labourer 
Martin, Ann (born 1690) 
Martin, Dorothy (born and died 1703) 
Martin, Elizabeth (born 1696) 
Martin, John (died 1735/36) 
Martin, John (circa 1693/94-1694) 
Martin, John (1697-1698) 
Martin, Mary (born 1699) 
Martin, Robert (born and died 1704) 
Martin, Susanna (born 1701) 
Martin, William (born 1689) 
Mason, John , wheelwright, of Great Masingham 
Miles, unknown  
Oldmeadow, Thomas  
Parlett, Mary (1722-1798) 
Parlett, Phebe (1724-1779) 
Parlett, Philip (died circa 1751) of Docking 
Parlett, Philippa (1723-1725) 
Pearson, Nicholas  
Pescod, Ann (born 1754) 
Pescod, Catherine (died 1772) 
Pescod, Chambers (born 1778) 
Pescod, Elizabeth (born 1758) 
Pescod, James (born 1763) 
Pescod, John (born 1751) 
Pescod, Mary (circa 1752-1820) 
Pescod, Michael (died 1780) 
Pescod, Reginald (died 1765) 
Pescod, Robert (died 1769), furrier, of Lynn 
Pescod, Robert (born 1775) 
Ransom, Elizabeth (born circa 1765) 
Saddleton, Alice (died 1687) 
Saddleton, Ann (1665-1704) 
Saddleton, Dorothy (1670-1731) of Gaytonthorpe, Norfolk 
Saddleton, Dorothy (born 1715) 
Saddleton, Elizabeth (1704-1711) 
Saddleton, Elizabeth (born 1712) 
Saddleton, Elizabeth (born 1750) 
Saddleton, Elizabeth (born 1809) 
Saddleton, Honor (1754-1755) 
Saddleton, Honor (born 1755) 
Saddleton, James (1719-1765), farmer - in 1765 he was the lessee of Westacre Abbey Farm, of Necton 
Saddleton, James (1747-1776) 
Saddleton, James Parlett (1775-1854), silversmith and watchmaker, of 9 High Street, Lynn 
Saddleton, John (1751-1777) 
Saddleton, John (born circa 1798), labourer, of Gayton 
Saddleton, Mary (1661-after 1707) 
Saddleton, Mary (born and died 1716) 
Saddleton, Mary (born and died 1764) 
Saddleton, Mary (born circa 1798) 
Saddleton, Parlett (born and died 1744) 
Saddleton, Parlett (circa 1745/46-1775) 
Saddleton, Philip (1750-1773) 
Saddleton, Richard (1754-1789) 
Saddleton, Rose (born 1667) 
Saddleton, Thomas (1657-1727) of North Runcton, Norfolk 
Saddleton, Thomas (1748-1764) 
Saddleton, Thomas (born 1756) 
Saddleton, William (died 1701), yeoman, of Gaytonthorpe 
Saddleton, William (died 1630) 
Saddleton, William (born circa 1624) 
Saddleton, William (born and died 1626) 
Saddleton, William (born circa 1628) 
Saddleton, William (1673-1738), farmer, of the Abby, Westacre 
Saddleton, William (1709-1758), farmer, of West Acre 
Saddleton, William (circa 1742-1771), farmer, of Little Dunham, Norfolk 
Saddleton, William (born 1751) 
Saddleton, William (born circa 1770) 
Saddleton, William (born 1794) 
Scarnal, Thomas , yeoman, of Gaytonthorpe 
Whittaker, Anne (born 1722) 
Whittaker, Luke  
Winkfield, John  
Winkfield, Judith  
Winkfield, William  

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