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Thomas Parlett
Francis Parlett
of Stradsett 1
died circa January 1628/29 2
NCC Will register Jay 25, Norfolk Record Office
dated 16 September 1621 and proved 5 Feb 1628
Francis Parlett of Stradsett, yeoman
Firstly he leaves 30 shillings and 4 pence to the churchwardens
of Woode[swift] in the County of Huntingdon 'where I married my
first wife', to be distributed to the poor people there.
He mentions in his will:
Francis Parlett my son and Thomas his son
Jane my wife
Edmund Parlett my son
G[raine] Parlett, Susan Parlett and Frances Parlett my daughters
(not yet 21 years old)
Joan Parlett daughter of my son Francis (not yet 21)
Thomas Parlett the son of Francis Parlett my son (not yet 21)
Nicodemus Parlett the son of my daughter Jane (not yet 21)
Margaret Parlett daughter of my brother William Parlett
Priscilla Wright daughter of John Wright of 'Wyburg]
Elizabeth Parlett daughter of my nephew William Parlett (not 21)
Nathaniel Parlett my son and
Ele Parlett my daughter
These two last he has left no legacy to for the reason that each of
them had legacies from 'Thomas Parlett my father and Ele Parlett
my mother and my other children by my now wife had not one penie
given them by my said mother and were not born in the lifetime of
my father.

married (1)








married (2)




children of Francis and Jane Parlett

Francis Parlett

Edmund Parlett

Graine Parlett

Susan Parlett

Frances Parlett

Jane Parlett

children of Francis and unknown Parlett

Nathaniel Parlett

Ele Parlett

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