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John Parlett
I think this is probably the John Parlett who married Mary Bull 1670
marriage recorded in both Marham and Fincham parish registers.

This John Parlett (late of Stradsett) was buried at Fincham 1683 -
administration was granted to his widow, Mary Parlett of Stradsett,
supported by John Portler and Edw: Hart 19 October 1683.

In her will dated 20th October 1703, Mary Portler - I give to my own
four godchildfen, Philip Parlett, son of John Parlett late of Stradset ...

so this Philip was presumably still living in 1703, aged 21

My guess is that this is the Philip Parlett mentioned in the will of
James Barker of Fring, as his son in law in 1704 - based on the
presence of the sister named Phebe and the later daughter Phebe

but we also have another Philip Parlett living at this time (1704). The
Philip Parlett who was admitted to Mary Parlett's land in the manor of
Stow Bardolph in 1690 with his father Thomas Parlett as his guardian
was formally invested in the Stow Bardolph Manor Court 18 Sep 1704
along with his wife Mary, Thomas Parlett in the jury.






children of John and Mary Parlett

Philip Parlett
baptized Stradsett, St Mary 1

Phoebe Parlett born 1679
baptized 30 May 1679, Stradsett, St Mary 2

Philip Parlett born 1682
baptized 2 December 1682, Stradsett 3

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