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Johannes van Nieuwkerken 1
farmer 2
of De Brackefonteijn, lying behind the Coeberg 3
born 1697 4
baptized 15 September 1697, Cape Town 5
died circa December 1744 6
will dated 1 April 1741
and filed 8 January 1745 7
From the inventory drawn up after his death, his main residence
would appear to have been the farm De Brackefonteijn, situated
behind the Coeberg. Here they had a house consisting of Voorhuijs
with a room either side and a kitchen and a farmyard with a barn
for storing grain. Their house was comfortably furnished and well
equipped, including one painting. To run the farm they owned 18
male slaves and 2 female slaves.

He owned, in company with his brother Gerrit van Nieuwkerken,
the farm Sandvloet in Drakensteijn, as well as having a loan farm
known as Outeniquasdrift, situated over the Gouwert River.

married (1)

Engela Plooij
1710-circa 1738

Hendrik Cornelis

Maria Margaretha
b. c1732

Jan Samuel
b. c1734

Albert Barentsz
b. c1736

Engela Helena
c1738 -

married (2) 20 November 1738 at Drakenstein 14

Anna van Staden
1718-circa 1753

Willem Petrus
b. c1742

b. c1743

children of Johannes van Nieuwkerken and Engela Plooij

Hendrik Cornelis van Nieuwkerken born 1729
born 1729 8
baptized 6 March 1729, Cape Town 9

Maria Margaretha van Nieuwkerken born circa 1732
born circa 1732 10

Jan Samuel van Nieuwkerken born circa 1734
born circa 1734 11

Albert Barentsz van Nieuwkerken born circa 1736
born circa 1736 12

Engela Helena van Niekerk circa 1738-circa 1820
born circa January 1738
baptized 16 January 1738
died circa 1820
 married October 1756 Swartland

Alewijn Smit Jacobuszoon 13 1710-circa 1738

children of Johannes van Nieuwkerken and Anna van Staden

Willem Petrus van Nieuwkerken born circa 1742
born circa 1742 15

Gerrit van Nieuwkerken born circa 1743
born circa 1743 16

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