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Thomas Thwaites
circa 1765-1844
Molly Dungate
circa 1767-1813
William Thwaites
Jane Prior
William Thwaites 1
Vicar 2
of Whittington, Northwold, Norfolk
born 1824, Hastings, Sussex
baptized 25 February 1824, St. Mary-in-the-Castle, Hastings
died 26 October 1916, Whittington, Norfolk 3
buried 1 November 1916, Whittington, Norfolk 4
He started his life as a coachpainter and in 1841 he was an apprentice,
living with his parents in Gas Cottages, St. Mary in the Castle, Hastings.
He served as a choir boy in St. Mary's Church and then as a Sunday
School teacher and went on to become a schoolmaster at Westminster.

The 1851 census records him as a schoolmaster, with a wife and 2 young
children, at the Shornecliffe Barracks Convict Station (near Folkestone in
Kent). This was an outpost of Millbank Prison and a holding stage for
convicts awaiting transportation.

He later took up special duty in the Hulks, Woolwich, where he ministered
to the convicts. This he found a fearful experience and he declares that
some of the chief officers were as shamelessly wicked as the convicts.
This so stirred his soul that he wrote to the Times and also to members
of the Lords and Commons, eventually appearing before a Parliamentary
Committee which, after hearing his damning evidence, resolved to abolish
the Hulks.

Later he moved to Norfolk and in 1873 became a church deacon at
Northwold, then curate at Whittington where he was ordained priest by
the Bishop of Norwich in 1875. He remained priest at Whittington for 41
years. In his capacity as a priest, he officiated at the wedding of his
nephew George Thwaites to Sarah Humphriey at Holy Trinity Church,
Sheerness, Kent on 4th April 1879.

(Information for this family comes from Lesley Thwaites, who
provided the article from the Churchman's Magazine, April 1913, from
which much of the above information is quoted)

married (1) 7 April 1847 at St. Mary-in-the-Castle, Hastings

Frances Sinden

Samuel William
b. c1848

William Francis
d. c1859

Harriet Mary
c1852 -

George Joshua
c1856 -

James Hedley
b. c1859

Caroline Elizabeth
1862 -

Jane Helen
b. c1864

Fanny Louisa
1855 -

b. c1865

married (2) 3 December 1878 at St. John's Church, Kilburn, London 27

Elizabeth Thwaites

Arthur Ernest

children of William and Frances Thwaites

Samuel William Thwaites born circa 1848
born circa 1848, Sandgate, Kent
 married circa 1870 Hastings

Ellen Jane Foster 5 born circa 1848
assistant school teacher

William Francis Thwaites 6 died circa 1859
died circa 1859 7

Harriet Mary Thwaites circa 1852-1946
born circa 1852, Southsea, Hampshire
died November 1946
buried 21 November 1946, Whittington, Norfolk
 married 16 October 1878 Christ Church, Whitington, Norfolk

Walter Taplin Symington born circa 1848
of Northampton Road, Little Bowden, Northampton

George Joshua Thwaites 8 circa 1856-1939
born circa 1856, Gosport, Hampshire 9
died 21 January 1939 10

Notes: He was partner and manager of the large
and well known department store, Symington & Thwaites,
in Adam & Eve Street, Market Harborough, Northamptonshire.

James Hedley Thwaites 11 born circa 1859
born circa 1859 12

Caroline Elizabeth Thwaites 13 1862-1939
born 29 April 1862, Whittington, Norfolk 14
died 3 September 1939 15
buried 4 September 1939, Whittington, Norfolk 16

Jane Helen Thwaites born circa 1864
born circa 1864, Whittington, Norfolk
 married 27 August 1885 Whittington, Norfolk

Charles Frederick Bush died before 1901

Fanny Louisa Thwaites 17 1855-1941
born 21 July 1855, Gorpan (thus in 1881 census) ? Gosport ? 18
died 11 November 1941 19
buried 14 November 1941, Whittington, Norfolk 20

Notes: She was Whittington's school
mistress until the school was closed in 1910.

(Information from Lesley Thwaites)

Annie Thwaites 21 born circa 1865
born circa 1865, Whittington, Norfolk 22

Notes: Six children, Kathleen Helen 1892, Hilda Frances 1893,
Queenie, Geoffrey William born and died 1897, Muriel Annie 1900,
and Charles William 1902.

 married 30 September 1891 Whittington, Norfolk 23

William Alfred Buckenham born circa 1868
grain and coal merchant 24
of Stoke Ferry, Norfolk 25
born circa 1868 26

children of William and Elizabeth Thwaites

Arthur Ernest Thwaites 28 born 1881
born 17 August 1881 29
baptized 1 October 1881, Whittington, Norfolk 30

Notes: In the 1901 census he is shown as an
Insurance Agent in the census district of Hampstead.

(Information from Lesley Thwaites)


Irene Jarvis 31

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