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Sources used to compile this family tree

Allegations for marriage licences issued by the vicar-general of the archbishop of Canterbury, July 1687 to June 1694
Publications of the Harleian Society, 31
Norwich Library,929.3
Brighton Burials
The Brighton Burial Index contains data from 1842 to 1854 and some entries up to and including 1893 for two Brighton churches - St Nicholas Church, and Hanover Chapel
Family History Online
Census returns for England, 1841
Census returns for England, 1851
various, including
Census returns for England, 1861
various, including
Census returns for England, 1871
Census returns for England, 1891
Census date 5 April 1891
Census returns for England, 1901
Cenus for England and Wales - 1881
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Christine Salt
correnspondence February 2008
Crockford's Clerical Directory
GRO indexes
General Register Office indexes
Hefford, Angela - information provided
Historic Hastings
By J. Manwaring Baines, published by F.J.Parsons Ltd., Hastings, 1955
Hogger, Chris - email communication
Index of Hastings Baptisms 1700-1877
Baines, J. Mainwaring, PBN Publications - 1994
Latter Day Saints - British vital records
Transcripts of various British parish records
Set of CDs purchased from the Church of the Latter Day Saints
Latter Day Saints - Pedigree Resource File
Latter Day Saints, IGI web site
Mainwaring-Baines, J. - Books & Notes, Hastings Library
J. Mainwaring-Baines, F.S.A, Books & Notes, Hastings Library
Marriage Licence - Thwaites, Jeremiah and Frances King 1703
Vicar General Marriage Licences 1693-1850
Lambeth Palace
Marriage Licence - Thwaits, Thomas and Mary Lloyd 1708
Archbishop of London, marriage licences
original in Guildhall Library, London
Marsden, Della Davenport, Eliza Jane Gingell Barton
Memorial Inscriptions - Chelmsford Parish Church
Essex Record Office,T/Z 151/97
Memorial Inscriptions - Hastings, All Saints
Sussex Archaeological Collections, vol xl
page 251
Memorial Inscriptions - Tenterden, Kent
Leland Duncan, 1919, kindly brought to my attention by Lesley Thwaites
KENT ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETYChurchyard Monumental Inscriptions
Memorial inscriptions - Burwell Independent Chapel
Memorial inscriptions - Hastings, St Clements
Miles, Bill - information supplied
Olsen, Kim - Personal communication
Eric & Kim Olsen
Parish Register - Battle, St. Mary the Virgin
Parish Register - Chelmsford, St. Mary
Parish Register - Fairlight Parish Church
Parish Register - Folkestone, Kent
Parish Register - Hastings, All Saints
Parish Register - Hastings, Bishop's Transcripts
from Pamela Robins
Parish Register - Hastings, St. Clements
consulted in the form of microfilm copies at the Latter Day Saints, Eaton, Norwich
Parish Register - London, Temple Church (IGI batch no M151031)
Parish Register - Rotherhithe, St. Mary
microfilm copy of the original parish register
London Metropolitan Archives,X046/005
Parish Register - Staplehurst, Kent
information providec by Caroline Bamber
Parish Register - Stepney, St. Dunstan
microfilm copy of the original parish register
London Metropolitan Archives,X024/069
Parish Register - Stone, Kent
Computer printout of Stone in Isle of Oxney, Kent, extracted for the controlled extraction program and published by the Genealogical Dept. of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Parish Register - Udimore Parish Church
Chris Hogger , extracts done by East Sussex Record Office researcher
Register - Hastings, All Saints
Register - Hastings, Bishop's Transcripts
from Pamela Robins
Register - Hastings, St. Clements
Rev. W. Thwaites, Vicar of Whitington, Norfolk
article published in The Churchman's Magazine, April 1913
Riley, Robert - notes on the Killick family of Itchingfield
in a letter from Robert Riley to Richard Ball
Robards, Kevin - personal communication
Email received 23 July 2002
Robards, Kevin
Spathaky, Mile - email communication
Sussex Baptisms - transcript by the Sussex Family History Group
This transcript by the Sussex Family History Group records 298,428 baptisms from the registers of the County of Sussex. The majority of entries are for East Sussex.
Family History Online
Sussex Burials - transcript by the Sussex Family History Group
This transcript by the Sussex Family History Group records 497,040 burials from the registers of 237 parishes in the County of Sussex between the years of 1530 and 1995
Family History Online
Sussex Marriage Index
Sussex Family History Group, Includes records of Sussex marriages collected and collated from diverse sources.
Thwaites, David - email communication
David Thwaites, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada,
Thwaites, Lesley - email communication
information received 2004
Thwaites, Stephen H. - his descendants
Nancy Martin - information from her research
supplied by email 7th October 2003
Thwaites, William (1800-1843) - family tree of his descendants
drawn up and supplied by Lesley Thwaites, August 2004
Will - Gibbon, Stephen - 1715/6
Will - Piseing, Alice - 1763
dated 15 December 1763 and proved 20 August 1765
Centre for Kentish Studies, Maidstone,PRC 17/97/187
Will - Sargent, Henry - 1769
East Sussex Record Office,W/A 62, p.514
Will - Sargent, John - 1720
downloaded from Documents Online 21 Feb 2004
Public Record Office,PCC prob 11/601
Will - Sargent, John - 1738
dated 11 Jan 1738 and proved 7 Dec 1747
Public Record Office,PCC prob 11/758
Will - Stevenson, Henry - 1788
dated 29 May 1788
East Sussex Record Office
Will - Thomas Thwaites - 1797
dated 8 April 1797
East Sussex Record Office
Will - Thwaites, Jeremiah - 1711
dated 23 June 1711 and proved 3 December 1716
PRO documents online,PCC prob 1, 555
Will - Thwaites, Jeremiah - 1768
Will - Thwaites, John - 1661
dated 7 August 1661 and proved 16 February 1663/4
Essex Record Office,D/ABW 63/191
Will - Thwaites, Mary, widow - 1803
date 20 January 1803 and proved 4 May 1808 to Thomas Thwaites and John Thwaites
East Sussex Record Office,A70 p.274
Will - Thwaites, Thomas - 1797
Will - Thwaites, Thomas - 1844
dated 2 April 1844 and proved Hastings, 2 May 1845
East Sussex Record Office
Will - Thwaits, Frances - 1717
dated 27 January 1716 and proved 8 November 1718
PRO documents online,prob 11, 566

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