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William Woodhams
Mary Oakes
David Woodhams 1
publican (1859) 2
born 1792
baptized 20 May 1792, Fairlight, Sussex 3
died 13 July 1868, Newtown, New South Wales
buried 14 July 1868, Camperdown, New South Wales
Information for the Woodhams families is from the Parish Registers of
Fairlight and Udimore in Sussex, and from the census returns of 1841,
1851 and 1861 and was provided by Chris Hogger.

The information for birth and death dates and marriage information comes
from an LDS pedigree file submitted by J. Carlyle Burt. This, in fact, states
that David Woodhams was born 21 April 1795, Fairlight, Sussex and
baptized there on 20 May 1795, which is apparently contradicted by the
parish register.

Bill Miles from Queensland tells me: David & Lucy Richardson Woodhams,
described as agricultural labourer and dressmaker, with their four daughters
Caroline, Mary Anne,Charlotte Elizabeth and Eliza, all described as dairy
maids, along with two males, Richard Woodhams and James Woodhams
(possibly brothers or cousins) migrated to Australia in 1839 on the Neptune.

Bill Miles also says that there are, in the New South Wales Historical Indexes,
a Richard Woodhams who died New South Wales 1840, aged 19, and a
James and Ann Woodhams who were having children from 1844 onwards.

married 14 June 1817 at All Saints, Hastings

Lucy Richardson Thwaites
dressmaker (1839) 4

c1820 -

Charlotte Elizabeth
b. c1821

Mary Anne

b. c1825

Lucy Ann Richardson
b. c1844

children of David and Lucy Richardson Woodhams

Caroline Woodhams circa 1820-circa 1858
born circa 1820 5
died circa 1858, Newtown 6

Notes: Information on this family from their great great
grandchild, Bill Miles of Queensland. He tells me that they had six
children, Charlotte (1847-1918), David (1845-1846), Lucy A. (1850),
William B (born & died 1853), Harriett (1855-1856) and William B. (1858).

 married 26 December 1843 St. Lawrence, Sydney 8

William Walker 7

Charlotte Elizabeth Woodhams born circa 1821
born circa 1821 9

Notes: Bill Miles reports that they had 9 children.

 married 31 August 1847 Bathurst 10

William Mutton
butcher 11
of Bathurst 12

Mary Anne Woodhams born 1822
born 31 August 1822, Hastings, Sussex 13

Notes: Shortly after their marriage she and her husband moved to
Camden and later went to Sydney. Ten children were born to them there.
(but Bill Miles informs me that they had 7 children, of which 6 survived to
accompany them to the United States in 1857).

Mary Ann Gingell was disowned by her father when she and her husband and
five of their children identified themselves with the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints.

On 27th June 1857, aboard the 'Lucas', they set sail from Sydney for America
and they disembarked in St. Pedro, California, on 13th October. Mary Ann gave
birth to her tenth child on the high seas.

The group of immigrants rested for a while in San Pedro then started their trek
across the Western desert for Utah, arriving in Parowan late in the fall of 1857,
and on to Paragonah. In this little community they endured all the hardships
of pioneering, their last child was born. Sometime between 1861 and 1870 they
moved to Evanston, Wyoming. Mary Ann Gingell died in Evanston.

(the above notes are take from a web page about the Gingell Family,
where there is lots more information

 married 1 November 1840 Sydney, New South Wales 14

Willam Gingell

Eliza Woodhams born circa 1825
born circa 1825 15

Notes: Bill Miles tells me she had three children,
a son born and died 1845, a daughter Lucy Ann Richardson,
born 1847 died 1852, and a son John R born in 1852.

 married (1) 1844 New South Wales

William Cankett died 1853
died 1853, (aged 36 years) 16
 married (2) 1854 New South Wales 17

Henry Whitmarsh

Lucy Ann Richardson Woodhams born circa 1844
born circa 1844, New South Wales

Notes: They had 4 sons and 2 daughters.
She died in 1921, her death being recorded in
the Sydney district of Waverley.
(information from Bill Miles)

 married 1866  19

William Edward Goodin 18
licensed victualler 20

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