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Maria Fransz:
Abraham de Villiers
died 1720
Susanne Gardiol
died circa 1729
Hermanus Bosman
circa 1683-1769
Elisabeth de Villiers
circa 1690-1765
Susanna Bosman 1
born 1712, Cape of Good Hope 2
baptized 17 January 1712, Stellenbosch 3
died 19 July 1755 4
will dated 9 July 1755
Her children are given as listed in her will made in May, 1746,
when, recently widowed, she was confined to bed by sickness.

In this same will she appoints her brother-in-law, Daniel de Vries,
to run the bakery for the benefit of her children if the Executors
should see fit.

In her will of 1755 she mentioned as her two youngest children, only
Hendrik and Elisabeth, mentioning that they should not be made to live
with anyone other than the testatrices ownn parents or family.

1755, the year of her death, was a year of small-pox epidemic. It
seems likely that that is what she died from. Described as on her
sick bed when the will was drawn up, she died ten days later.

In his will of 1785 her brother, Abraham Bosman, left a portion of
his estate to be divided among the children of Susanna and Isaak
but their two sons, Abraham and Hendrik, are excluded 'for
special reasons'.

married 3 August 1732 at Drakenstein 5

Izaak de Vries
1711-circa 1746
of Cape Town 6

Maria Elisabeth
1733 -

Johanna Hermina
1735 -

1738 -



Elisabeth Johanna

Hendrik Hermanus

1745 -

children of Susanna Bosman and Izaak de Vries

Maria Elisabeth de Vries 1733-circa 1812
born 1733
baptized 17 May 1733, Cape Town
died circa May 1812
 married 2 January 1752 Cape Town

Stephanus Buys 7 1727-circa 1769
of Roggeveld

Johanna Hermina de Vries 1735-circa 1805
born 1735, Cape of Good Hope
baptized 24 July 1735, Cape Town
died circa October 1805
 married 19 October 1755 Cape Town

Johannes Hermanus Redelinghuys 8 died before 1794
game hunter (between 1747 and 1749)

Abraham de Vries 9 1738-before 1804
born 1738 10
baptized 22 June 1738, Cape Town 11
died before 1804, (based on Abraham Bosman's 1804 codicil)

Notes: Die twee het 8 (agt) kinders gehad, onder andere - Abraham (1738).
Abraham trou in 1766 met Cornelia Josina Duuring. Hulle het 2 (twee) kinders gehad, onder andere Izaak DaniŽl (1769).
Izaak trou op 28 Augustus 1796 met Elsie S de Witt. Van hul kinders was onder andere Abraham Hermanus (27 Augustus 1797) en Frederik Johannes (24 November 1799).

(Peter MurraY


Cornelia During 12

Notes: In his codicil of 1804 Abraham Bosman described her as ' my niece
Cornelia During, widow of Abraham de Vries'.

Susanna de Vries 13 born 1739
born 1739 14
baptized 23 August 1739, Cape Town 15

Isaacq de Vries 16 born 1740
born 1740 17
baptized 13 November 1740, Drakenstein 18

Elisabeth Johanna de Vries 19 born 1742
born 1742 20
baptized 4 November 1742, Cape Town 21

Hendrik Hermanus de Vries 22 born 1744
wagonmaker (1763) 23
born 1744 24
baptized 29 November 1744, Cape Town 25

Notes: According to his request for burger papers in 1763 he
entered the service of the Dutch East India Company in 1761
as a young wagonmaker, progressing to wagonmaker in 1763.
(Source: Leibbrandt, HCV, Requesten 1715-1806, p.1291a)

He was apparently still living in 1785 when he was mentioned in
the will of his uncle, Abraham Bosman. He is not mentioned in
any of the later codicils but not many other people are either.

Jacobus de Vries 26 1745-1755
born 1745, at the Cape 27
baptized 28 November 1745, Cape Town 28
died 1755, or earlier 29

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