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Thomas Spore
Willam Black Atkins
died circa 1847
Elizabeth Spore
Harriet Mary Anne Atkins 1
born 19 June 1809, Runhall 2
baptized 25 June 1809, parish church Runhall
married 10 May 1836 at parish church Runhall 3

Robert Leddelow
born circa 1807
farmer of 357 acres (1851)
of Manor House, Downham, West Dereham

b. c1837

William A.
b. c1840

b. c1842

b. c1844

b. c1846

b. c1848

b. c1850

children of Harriet Mary Anne and Robert Leddelow

Elizabeth Leddelow born circa 1837
born circa 1837, Barnham Broom 4

Notes: I have assumed from name and birth place that she is a daugher of Henry and Harriet
(no other Leddalows on 1851 census in Norfolk)

William A. Leddelow born circa 1840
born circa 1840, Barnham Broom 5

Charles Leddelow born circa 1842
born circa 1842, Barnham Broom 6

Ellen Leddelow born circa 1844
born circa 1844, Barnham Broom 7

Robert Leddelow born circa 1846
born circa 1846, Barnham Broom 8

Harriet Leddelow born circa 1848
born circa 1848, Barnham Broom 9

George Leddelow born circa 1850
born circa 1850, West Dereham 10

# The parents of Harriet Mary Anne Atkins

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