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List of people in the Cadywold family tree

320 individuals, 93 families, 59 surnames

Atkins, Ada Louise (born circa 1865) 
Atkins, Alice J. (born circa 1854) 
Atkins, Anna M. (born circa 1849) 
Atkins, Arthur C. (born circa 1849) 
Atkins, Catherine Eliza (born circa 1827) 
Atkins, Charles Cadywold (born circa 1821), land agent and farmer, of Coston, Norfolk 
Atkins, Charles S.S. (born circa 1847) 
Atkins, Charlotte Sarah (born circa 1829) 
Atkins, Clara Jane (born circa 1868) 
Atkins, Edgar (circa 1848-1866) 
Atkins, Edward W. (born circa 1850) 
Atkins, Elizabeth Caroline (born 1806) 
Atkins, Elizabeth Jane (born circa 1833) 
Atkins, Ella Kate (born circa 1867) 
Atkins, Emma (born circa 1836) 
Atkins, Ernest (born circa 1861), agricultural labourer 
Atkins, Francis Parke (born circa 1823), accountant, of Damgate Street, Wymondham 
Atkins, Frederick (born circa 1844) 
Atkins, Harriet Mary Anne (born 1809) 
Atkins, Henry (1811-1885), farmer of 215 acres, of High Road, Runhall 
Atkins, Herbert Henry (circa 1862-1862) 
Atkins, Laura Maria (born circa 1839) 
Atkins, Mary Ann (born circa 1826) 
Atkins, Robert (born 1805) 
Atkins, Thomas Spore (1803-1865), farmer of 320 acres employing 7 labourers, of Kimberley 
Atkins, Thomas William (born circa 1828), farm steward, of Hall Farm, Easton 
Atkins, Willam Black (died circa 1847) of Attleborough, later Runhall (c.1802-29), in 1847 of Coston 
Atkins, William Black (born 1804) 
Atkins, William Henry (born 1808) 
Atry, Mary Ann (born circa 1879) of 16 Moon Street, Plymouth 
Atry, Thomas James (died before 1904), gardener 
Badley, Mary (died 1777) 
Bate, Irene Rose (1904-1983) 
Bolton, William Joseph  
Bowen, Henry (born circa 1831) 
Bowen, William  
Boyce, Mary (circa 1843-1870) 
Boyce, Samuel  
Boyce, William  
Boyce, unknown (died 1870), blacksmith, of Blundeston 
Buck, John , wheelwright, of Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk 
Burrage, Ann (born circa 1804) 
Burrage, Sarah (born circa 1800) 
Byles, Elizabeth  
Cadywold, Beatrice (born circa 1880) 
Cadywold, Bridget (born 1788) 
Cadywold, Catherine (1758-1768) 
Cadywold, Catherine (1797-1843) 
Cadywold, Charles (born 1784) 
Cadywold, Charles (1790-1818) 
Cadywold, Charlotte (born 1829) 
Cadywold, Charlotte (born 1832) 
Cadywold, Comfitt (circa 1759-1768) 
Cadywold, Eliza (born 1829), annuitant, of Point House, Ipswich Road, Lakenham 
Cadywold, Eliza (born circa 1834), shoebinder 
Cadywold, Elizabeth (born 1784) 
Cadywold, Emma (born 1833) 
Cadywold, Harriet (born 1825) 
Cadywold, James  
Cadywold, James (circa 1727-1761) of Parish of Saint Peter le Poor, London 
Cadywold, James (born 1792) 
Cadywold, James (born 1824) 
Cadywold, Jane (1795-1882) 
Cadywold, Jane (born 1830) 
Cadywold, Jemima Maria (born 1757) 
Cadywold, John (born before 1599), cordwainer, of Norwich 
Cadywold, Margaret (1617-1693) 
Cadywold, Maria (1792-circa 1854) 
Cadywold, Mary (born 1615) 
Cadywold, Mary (born 1751) 
Cadywold, Mary (1759-1762) 
Cadywold, Mary (1787-before 1860) 
Cadywold, Mary Ann (born circa 1837) 
Cadywold, Mary Ann (born circa 1841) 
Cadywold, Richard  
Cadywold, Sarah (born 1621) 
Cadywold, Sarah (born 1755) 
Cadywold, Sarah (born 1768) 
Cadywold, Sarah (1785-1851) 
Cadywold, Thomas (born 1772) 
Cadywold, Thomas (1788-1857), farmer, of Mansion Green House, Mitford 
Cadywold, William (circa 1783-1790) 
Cadywold, William (born circa 1835) 
Cadywold, William (born circa 1853), foundry labourer (iron), of Oak street, Norwich 
Cadywold, William Cockell (1753-1825) 
Cadywould, Abacuck , clerk, of Wacton, Norfolk 
Cadywould, Albert E. (born circa 1878) 
Cadywould, Alice (born circa 1878) 
Cadywould, Alice (born circa 1885) 
Cadywould, Anthony (1686-circa 1779), Cordwayner, of Wymondham 
Cadywould, Anthony (born 1729) 
Cadywould, Anthony (born 1761) 
Cadywould, Anthony (1766-1839), shoemaker, of Norwich, St John Sepulchre 
Cadywould, Anthony (circa 1800-1866), 1842, cordwainer
1851, retired Drummer 62nd Foot, Chelsea Pensioner
1861, cordwainer, of 1851-1861 Sun Yard, Norwich 
Cadywould, Benjamin (born 1735) 
Cadywould, Caroline R. (born circa 1876) 
Cadywould, Caroline Rosina (born circa 1850) 
Cadywould, Charles (born circa 1729), cordwainer 
Cadywould, Charles (born 1760), worsted weaver 
Cadywould, Charles (born 1798), 1819 carpenter, 1861 cotton weaver, of 1861 Church Alley, St Paul, Norwich 
Cadywould, Charlotte (born circa 1840), fisherman's wife, of 7 Admiralty Rd, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk 
Cadywould, Comfitt (1689-circa 1775), Cordwainer, of Wymondham 
Cadywould, Cook John (born 1759) 
Cadywould, Diana (born & died 1740) 
Cadywould, Edward (born 1744) 
Cadywould, Edward (born & died 1763) 
Cadywould, Edward (born 1770) 
Cadywould, Eliza  of Nottingham 
Cadywould, Eliza (born 1842), dressmaker 
Cadywould, Eliza (born circa 1857) 
Cadywould, Elizabeth  
Cadywould, Elizabeth (born 1727) 
Cadywould, Elizabeth (born 1733) 
Cadywould, Elizabeth (born 1790) 
Cadywould, Elizabeth (born circa 1812) 
Cadywould, Elizabeth (born circa 1879) 
Cadywould, Ellen (born circa 1860) 
Cadywould, George (born 1842), engine cleaner 
Cadywould, George (born circa 1863), railway porter, of 18 Newthorpe Street, Nottingham 
Cadywould, Hannah (born 1763) 
Cadywould, Harriet (born circa 1808), shoebinder 
Cadywould, Henry (born circa 1859) 
Cadywould, Henry (born circa 1863) 
Cadywould, Henry George (born 1842), cabinet maker, paper hanger and had the herring contract for the Yarmouth workhouse, of 1881 - 16 Newthorpe Street, Nottingham 1901 - 1 Queen Street, Yarmouth 
Cadywould, Henry James (1866-after 1914), warehouse porter, of 18 Newthorpe Street, Nottingham 
Cadywould, James  
Cadywould, James  
Cadywould, James (before 1656-1717/18), Cordwayner, of Wymondham 
Cadywould, James (1685-1686) 
Cadywould, James (born 1724) 
Cadywould, James (born 1726) 
Cadywould, James (1728-1729) 
Cadywould, James (born 1764) 
Cadywould, James (1801-1865), cordwainer, of 1851 in Regent Road, Crooks Place, Fronting South, Norwich St Stephen by 1861 in Queens Road, Great Yarmouth, 1861 Queens Road, Yarmouth 
Cadywould, James (1821-before 1837) 
Cadywould, James (born 1837), Ironworkers labourer 
Cadywould, John (1736-1737) 
Cadywould, John (born 1762) 
Cadywould, John (1802-1881), 1823 worsted weaver, 1861 policeman, of 1861 Distillery Yard, St Michael Coslany, Norwich 
Cadywould, John (born circa 1822), 1861-1871, silk weaver, of 1861-1871, Distillery Yar, 1881 Sun Yard, Norwich St Michael At Coslany 
Cadywould, John (born 1822) 
Cadywould, John (born circa 1852), general labourer, of St. Mary's Plain, Norwich 
Cadywould, John S. (born circa 1851) 
Cadywould, John Thomas (born 1868), 1894, Fisherman, Stoker, 1905, Royal Navy 
Cadywould, John W H (born 1917) 
Cadywould, Joshua (circa 1840-1910), 1861 labourer, 1871 porter, 1881 engine cleaner, 1891 carter, 1891 saw mill labourer, of 1871, Church Alley, Murrays Yard, St Swithin, Norwich, 1891-1901 Gorleston 
Cadywould, Louisa (born circa 1821) 
Cadywould, Lydia  
Cadywould, Lydia (born 1739) 
Cadywould, Martha (born circa 1839) 
Cadywould, Mary (born 1725) 
Cadywould, Mary (born 1732) 
Cadywould, Mary (1751-1752) 
Cadywould, Mary A. (born circa 1858) 
Cadywould, Mary Ann G. (born 1895) 
Cadywould, Mary Ann P. A. (1906-before 1911) 
Cadywould, Matilda H M (born 1914) 
Cadywould, Richard (born circa 1618) 
Cadywould, Richard (born circa 1620) 
Cadywould, Richard (born 1642) 
Cadywould, Richard W. (born circa 1872) 
Cadywould, Rosa (born circa 1874) 
Cadywould, Sarah (1691-1692) 
Cadywould, Sarah (1725-1729) 
Cadywould, Sarah (1730-before 1773) 
Cadywould, Sarah (born 1737) 
Cadywould, Sarah (born 1749) 
Cadywould, Sarah (born 1758) 
Cadywould, Sarah (born & died 1765) 
Cadywould, Sarah (born 1781) 
Cadywould, Sarah (born circa 1836) 
Cadywould, Sarah (born circa 1874) 
Cadywould, Sarah Ann (born 1828) 
Cadywould, Susan (born circa 1848) 
Cadywould, Susan (born circa 1880) 
Cadywould, Susanna (born circa 1835) 
Cadywould, Thomas Badley (1723-1778), surgeon, of Attleborough 
Cadywould, Thomas Edward (1905-1982), Stoker, Royal Navy, of 20 North Street, Plymouth 
Cadywould, Thomas William (born & died 1894) 
Cadywould, William (born 1771) 
Cadywould, William (born 1826), dyer, of Bull Close, Norwich St. Paul 
Cadywould, William (born circa 1853) 
Cadywould, William Joshua (born 1866), Stoker, Royal Navy 
Carter, Joseph (died before 1881), farmer 
Carter, Rose E. (born circa 1868) 
Catermoul, William , dyer 
Cattermoul, Maria (born circa 1806) 
Clanrock, Robert  
Clarke, Gertrude Mary Ann (born circa 1878) 
Clarke, William , Lightshipman, Trinity House 
Clarkston, unknown  of Nottingham 
Clayton, George (born circa 1813), fishmonger, of Chapel Street, Crooks Place, Norwich 
Cockell, Mary (1726-1771) 
Cubitt, Alice M. (born circa 1860) 
Cubitt, Arthur (born circa 1865) 
Cubitt, Charles (born circa 1833), Chemist and Druggist, of The Walk, Norwich 
Cubitt, Colin G. (born circa 1873) 
Cubitt, Eliza J. (born circa 1861) 
Cubitt, Harry (born circa 1863), Builders Apprentice 
Cubitt, Helen L. (born circa 1871) 
Cubitt, Katherine (born circa 1869) 
Cubitt, Lionel S. (born circa 1875) 
Cubitt, Margaret (born circa 1871) 
Cubitt, Owen C. (born circa 1869) 
Cubitt, Thomas , farmer, of Manor Farm, Kimberley 
Cubitt, William T. (born circa 1872) 
Cutting, Caroline (born 1841) 
Cutting, Hannah (born circa 1823) 
Cutting, Harriet (born 1838) 
Cutting, Julia (born circa 1850) 
Cutting, Providence (circa 1830-1877) 
Cutting, William (born circa 1801), silk dyer, of St Michael Coslany, Norwich (before 1850), St Swithin, Norwich (from 1851) 
Cutting, William Thomas (born circa 1826) 
Davies, Sarah  
Ellis, John , tailor, of Thetford 
Ellis, John Steel (born after 1756) 
Ellis, Mary Badley (born after 1756) 
Ellis, Moriscoe Elizabeth Cadywould (born after 1756) 
Flower, David (died 1859), dissenting minister 
Fox, Amos (born circa 1840), seaman, master of the trawler The Express 
Fox, Isaac (born circa 1875) 
Fox, Lily (born circa 1874) 
Fox, Rose (born circa 1878) 
Fox, Stephen  
Fox, William (born circa 1872) 
Frost, Elizabeth (born circa 1821), mistress at a Free School 
Frost, George (born circa 1784), Excise Officer, of Felthorpe St. Faiths, Norwich 
Frost, Mary Ann (circa 1819-after 1883), dressmaker 
Frost, William (died after 1883) 
Gill, Harriet (born circa 1835), shoebinder 
Gill, Robert (born circa 1811), cordwainer, of Chapel Street Crooks Place, Norwich St. Stephen 
Grant, George  
Grant, Richard  
Green, Mary Ann (circa 1821-1851), cotton winder 
Hammond, Sarah (died 1746) 
Harmer, Elizabeth (born circa 1803) of 1871 6 Queens Road, Yarmouth 
Hill, Eliza (born circa 1840) 
Horne, Hannah  
Howard, Ruth S. (born circa 1848) 
Hubbard, William (born circa 1810), Farmer, of Quebec Road, East Dereham 
Infancy, 3 other children who died in  
Johnson, James  
Leddelow, Charles (born circa 1842) 
Leddelow, Elizabeth (born circa 1837) 
Leddelow, Ellen (born circa 1844) 
Leddelow, George (born circa 1850) 
Leddelow, Harriet (born circa 1848) 
Leddelow, Robert (born circa 1807), farmer of 357 acres, of Manor House, Downham, West Dereham 
Leddelow, Robert (born circa 1846) 
Leddelow, William A. (born circa 1840) 
Mantripp, Edith Gertrude (born 1899) 
Mantripp, Ethel Emma (born 1906) 
Mantripp, Florence May (born 1908) 
Mantripp, George , Fisherman 
Mantripp, George Ernest (born 1900) 
Mantripp, Gertrude M (born 1910) 
Mantripp, Wilfred Ernest (born circa 1873) 
Mantripp, William Wilfred (born 1897), Farm Labourer 
Mathews, ?  
Mattingley, Anne (1735-1780) 
Maxey, Sarah  
Middleton, John  
Moore, John  
Mountain, Christiana Elizabeth (died 1901) 
Ninham, Elizabeth (circa 1776-1846) 
Norton, John (born circa 1825), farmer, of Park Farm, Scoulton 
Norton, Mary A. (born circa 1862) 
Norton, Nelly E. (born circa 1873) 
Parke, Elizabeth (circa 1752-1829) 
Parke, Francis  
Parke, Francis (born 1757) 
Parke, Jeremiah (1761-1834) of Wicklewood, Norfolk 
Parke, Jissop (born 1759) of Wymondham, Norfolk 
Parke, Mary (born 1755) 
Parke, Riches (born 1757) 
Parke, Sarah (born 1763) 
Parke, Stephen (1761-1803), shopkeeper, of Wymondham, Norfolk 
Pratt, Robert , fishmonger, of Fish Market, Norwich St Peter Mancroft 
Pratt, Robert , fishmonger 
Redhead, unknown (died before 1803) 
Soundy, Ann (born 1790) 
Soundy, Elizabeth (1794-1867) 
Soundy, George (born 1796) 
Soundy, John (1732-1796) 
Soundy, Mary (born 1799) 
Soundy, William (born 1791) 
Soundy, William Mattingley (born 1765) 
Spore, Elizabeth  
Spore, Thomas  of Runhall, Norfolk 
Spurgeon, ?  
Spurgeon, Mary  
Watts, Matthew  
West, John Gill  
Wright, Elizabeth  
Wright, George  

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