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John Cadywould
Ann Burrage
born circa 1804
William Cutting
born circa 1801
Sarah Burrage
born circa 1800
Joshua Cadywould
circa 1840-1910
Providence Cutting
circa 1830-1877
John Thomas Cadywould 1
1894, Fisherman, Stoker, 1905, Royal Navy 2
born 4 November 1868, Norwich 3
It appears that his name was registered at birth as Thomas John.
Assuming we have the same person, he later he used the name
John Thomas. He stated his age differently on every document
we so far have, growing younger as the years progressed.

Joined the Navy 1898 - invalided out in 1919.

I have guessed that the first two children of his first wife, Gertrude Clarke,
were probably his, and that all her subsequent children were with Wilfred
Mantripp but I have not examined the birth certificates or seen any other

married (1) 7 September 1894 at Parish Church, Gorleston, Suffolk 4

Gertrude Mary Ann Clarke
born circa 1878

Thomas William
born & died

Mary Ann G.

married (2) 9 April 1904 at Plymouth Register Office 8

Mary Ann Atry
born circa 1879
of 16 Moon Street, Plymouth 9

Thomas Edward
1905 -

Mary Ann P. A.
1906 -

Matilda H M

John W H

children of John Thomas and Gertrude Mary Ann Cadywould

Thomas William Cadywould born & died 1894
born 1894, Yarmouth 5
died 1894, Yarmouth 6

Notes: Births Sep 1894
Cadywould Thomas William Yarmouth 4b 40
died circa Dec 1894
Deaths Dec 1894
Cadywould Thomas William 0 Yarmouth 4b 17

Mary Ann G. Cadywould born 1895
born 1895 7

children of John Thomas and Mary Ann Cadywould

Thomas Edward Cadywould 10 1905-1982
Stoker, Royal Navy 11
of 20 North Street, Plymouth 12
born 27 January 1905, 11 Higher Street, Plymouth 13
died 8 March 1982, 65, Lipstone Crescent, Plymouth 14
 married 1 September 1927 St Jude's Parish Church, Plymouth 16

Irene Rose Bate 15 1904-1983
born 1 September 1904 17
died 18 June 1983, 65, Lipstone Crescent, Plymouth 18

Mary Ann P. A. Cadywould 1906-before 1911
born 1906, Plymouth 19
died before 1911, (assumed from 1911 census return) 20

Notes: She seems not to be listed in the 1911 Census

Matilda H M Cadywould born 1914
born 1914, Plymouth 21

John W H Cadywould 22 born 1917
born 1917, Plymouth 23

Notes: He went to live in South Africa where he was the manager
of a diamond mine. (information from David Wilson)

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