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John Cadywould 1
1861-1871, silk weaver 2
of 1861-1871, Distillery Yar, 1881 Sun Yard, Norwich St Michael At Coslany 3
born circa 1822, Norwich 4
this family reconstructed from the 1881 census where their name
is spelt Caddywold, and no occupations are recorded

married (1)

born circa 1821

b. c1848

Caroline Rosina
b. c1850

John S.
b. c1851

b. c1853

b. c1857

Mary A.
b. c1858

b. c1859

b. c1860

b. c1863

married (2)


children of John and Caroline Cadywould

Susan Cadywould born circa 1848
born circa 1848, Norwich 5

Caroline Rosina Cadywould born circa 1850
born circa 1850, Norwich, St Mary Coslany 6

John S. Cadywould born circa 1851
born circa 1851, Norwich, St Mary Coslany 7

William Cadywould born circa 1853
born circa 1853, Norwich, St Mary Coslany 8

Eliza Cadywould born circa 1857
born circa 1857, Norwich, St Mary Coslany 9

Mary A. Cadywould born circa 1858
born circa 1858, Norwich, St Mary Coslany 10

Henry Cadywould born circa 1859
born circa 1859, Norwich 11

Ellen Cadywould 12 born circa 1860
born circa 1860 13

Henry Cadywould 14 born circa 1863
born circa 1863 15

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