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Ralph Cockle
William Cockell
died 1723
John Cockell
born 1702
baptized 13 December 1702, St. Mary, Attleborough 1





children of John and Mary Cockell

Mary Cockell born 1732
baptized 6 January 1731/32, St. Mary, Attleborough

William Ettridge

John Cockell 2 born after 1719
born after 1719 3

Notes: presumably still alive in 1764 when he was mentioned in the will
of his uncle, William Cockell.

Sarah Cockell  4

Notes: no baptism found for her but she was mentioned in the will of her
uncle, William Cockell, 1764, apparently but not specifically stated
to be, as sister of Mary and John, the children of his brother John.

Sources of the information on this page. In the references below, text in italics indicates direct quotes from the documents, three dots ... indicates that text has been omitted and square brackets [] indicate a difficulty in decipherment or missing text. For more details of these sources see the full source list for this family tree.

1Parish register - Attleborough, Norfolk

p.81, baptisms

John son of William Cockle Dec 13 1702

2Will - Mary Cockell - 1740

John Cockell ... son ... of ... John my brother
mentioned as not yet 21

3As above

if they the said John & Mary Cockell my nephew and neice shall then have attained their several ages of twenty one years

4Will - William Cockell, gentleman - dated 4 Feb 1764

John Cockell my brother
John Cockell my nephew and Mary the wife of William Ettridge and Sarah Cockell my nieces

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