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List of people in the Cockell family tree

144 individuals, 33 families, 20 surnames

Bringloe, Charles (died 1697) 
Brown, Sarah  
Cockell, Ann (died 1709) 
Cockell, Arthur (born 1812) 
Cockell, Catherine (born 1727) 
Cockell, Catherine (1728-1772) 
Cockell, Catherine (born 1769) 
Cockell, Charles (born 1805) 
Cockell, Charlotte Mary (born 1811) 
Cockell, Elizabeth  
Cockell, Elizabeth (born 1803) 
Cockell, Horace (1806-1814) 
Cockell, Jane (1809-1814) 
Cockell, John (died before 1745) 
Cockell, John  of Forncett 
Cockell, John  
Cockell, John (1677-1728) of Attleborough 
Cockell, John (1700-before 1702) 
Cockell, John (born 1702) 
Cockell, John (born after 1719) 
Cockell, John (born 1724) 
Cockell, Mary  
Cockell, Mary  
Cockell, Mary (1714-1741) 
Cockell, Mary (born 1726) 
Cockell, Mary (born 1732) 
Cockell, Priscilla (born circa 1768) 
Cockell, Ralph (died circa 1768) of Caston 
Cockell, Ralph (born 1671) 
Cockell, Ralph (1702-circa 1730) 
Cockell, Ralph (born 1722) 
Cockell, Samuel  
Cockell, Samuel (born 1686) 
Cockell, Samuel (1695-1760), yeoman, of Attleborough 
Cockell, Sarah  
Cockell, Sarah  
Cockell, Stephen (1683-circa 1747) of Wicklewood 
Cockell, Thomas  
Cockell, Thomas (born 1690) of Forncett 
Cockell, Thomas (born & died 1706) 
Cockell, Thomas (born & died 1709) 
Cockell, Thomas (born 1722) 
Cockell, William (1669-1729), butcher, of Attleborough 
Cockell, William (1701-1768), gentleman, of Attleborough 
Cockell, William (born 1724) 
Cockell, William (born 1724) 
Cockell, William (born 1731) 
Cockell, William (1735-1803) 
Cockell, William (born 1804) 
Cockell, William Stannard (circa 1764-1841) 
Cockle, Alice (born 1617) 
Cockle, Ann  
Cockle, Ann (born 1625) 
Cockle, Ann (born 1630) 
Cockle, Dorothie (born 1628) 
Cockle, Edmund (born 1621) 
Cockle, Edward (born 1629) 
Cockle, Elizabeth  
Cockle, Elizabeth (born 1619) 
Cockle, Elizabeth (born 1626) 
Cockle, Elizabeth (born 1629) 
Cockle, Elizabeth (born 1687) 
Cockle, Hannah (born & died 1689) 
Cockle, James (born 1620) 
Cockle, John (died 1658) 
Cockle, John (born 1679) 
Cockle, Mary  
Cockle, Mary (born 1633) 
Cockle, Mary (born 1675) 
Cockle, Mary (born & died 1678) 
Cockle, Ralph  of Besthorpe, Norfolk (I assume) 
Cockle, Ralph (1639-1686) 
Cockle, Ralph (born 1685) 
Cockle, Richard , Schoolmaster, of Attleborough 
Cockle, Samuel  
Cockle, Samuel (born & died 1681) 
Cockle, Sara (born 1673) 
Cockle, Sarah (born 1624) 
Cockle, Susan (born 1681) 
Cockle, Thomas (died 1645) 
Cockle, Thomas (died 1705) 
Cockle, Thomas (died 1666), innholder, cook 
Cockle, Thomas  
Cockle, Thomas (born & died 1616) 
Cockle, Thomas (born 1626) 
Cockle, Thomas (born 1679) 
Cockle, Thomas (born 1683) 
Cockle, Thomas (born & died 1688) 
Cockle, William  
Coggell, Ann (born 1629) 
Coggell, Jane (born 1628) 
Coggell, John (born 1631) 
Coggell, Robert  
Coggell, Robert (born 1624) 
Coggell, William (born 1635) 
Courtier, Alice (died 1636) 
Dever, unknown  
Dunham, Jane  
Ettridge, Anne (born 1775) 
Ettridge, Catherine (born 1755) 
Ettridge, Elizabeth (born 1773) 
Ettridge, James (born 1769) 
Ettridge, John (born 1766) 
Ettridge, Mary (born 1753) 
Ettridge, Penelope (born 1763) 
Ettridge, Ralph (born 1766) 
Ettridge, Sarah (born 1762) 
Ettridge, William  
Fuller, Ann (died 1659) 
King, Alice (died 1615) 
Ockley, Mary  
Ockley, Thomas  
Ockley, Thomas  
Pearson, Joseph  
Pike, daugher  
Pike, son  
Pike, unknown  
Porter, Anthony  
Ripper, William  
Spink, Susan  
Springall, Benjamin  
Springall, Daniel  
Springall, John (died before 1757) 
Springall, John  
Springall, John  
Springall, Joseph  
Springall, Thomas  
Springall, William  
Taylor, Elizabeth (1730-1816) 
Wright, Daniel  
Wright, Daniel (born after 1724) 

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