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Samuel Chase
Elizabeth Ann Neale
Elizabeth Ann Chase 1
born 9 February 1786 2
died 4 August 1832 3
A note in the Maze Pond Baptist Chapel records states that she was
admitted a member of the congregation in 1807 and that her address
in 1831 was Cambridge.

(Source: Fysh collection of the research of JPG Fysh,
in the Norfolk Family History Society's library in Norwich)

The couple are said to have had four children, two of whom died in

(Source: The Memorandum Book of the Rev. C.F. Chase,
as transcribed in Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica New Series
Vol 2 page 158 (1877), brought to my attention by Laurence Chase)

married 27 January 1806 at Saint Giles, Camberwell, Surrey, England

Hewitt Fysh
circa 1767-1811
of Camberwell 4


Elizabeth Ann
born and died

1809 -

children of Elizabeth Ann and Hewitt Fysh

Frederick Fysh 5 born 1807
born 24 November 1807, St Gyles, Camberwell, Surrey 6
baptized 26 July 1826, Saint Michael, Cambridge, Cambridge, England 7
buried 23 September 1880, St Peter, Walgrave, Northamptonshire 8

Notes: He was baptised 7 December 1807 in the Meeting House, Maze
Pond, Southwark and then again as an adult into the Anglican church
on the 26 July 1826 at Saint Michael, Cambridge.

He was admitted a pensioner at Queens College, Cambridge Univesity
on 22 Feb 1828, hatriculated 1828, BA 1832, MA 1835.

He was in Holy Orders and was the author of:
Catechism of the Apocoalypse
A lyrical version fo the Psalms etc.

Between 1840 - 1847 he lived at 2 Duke Street, Bath and in 1856 at
6 Lower Terrace, Torquay.

In the Census of 1861 he was described as being aged 53, a clergyman
with[out] the cure of souls, living at 4 Sion Row, Twickenham, in the
family of his cousin, Samuel Chase, solicitor, of that address. ( I am
indebted for this information to Laurence Chase)

JPG Fysh' statement, in the article mentioned at the end of this note,
that Frederick is listed in the Census of 1861 as being in Waldegrave
aged 68, is thus proved mistaken (as that age might of its own suggest)
but in 1871 he was living as a lodger in Waldgrave. Northamptonshire,
aged 63, a clergyman of the Church of England without cure of souls,
and one wonders equally over his assertion that he later emigrated
to Australia.

Kathleen Christmas in her Fysh family tree chart drawn up in 1983 gives
him a daughter, Jane Fysh, with a son Hewitt Turner, no details or
sources mentioned. This seems most unlikely.

Venn's Alumni Cantabrigiense give his date of death as 1867.

(from: J.A.Venn, Alum Cantab, part 2, vol 2 as transcribed by JPG Fysh
in the Fysh collection in the Norfolk Family History Society's library in
Norwich, and from: Goodbye London I Must Leave You, by
John P. G. Fysh, published in the Norfolk Ancestor December 1984)

Elizabeth Ann Fysh born and died 1808
born 4 October 1808 9
baptized Maze Pond Baptist, Southwark
died October 1808
buried 26 October 1808, Meeting House, Maze Pond, Southwark

Harriet Fysh 1809-1844
born 18 September 1809, St. Gyles, Camberwell 10
baptized 25 November 1832, Fen Stanton, Huntingdon 11
died 27 February 1844 12

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