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List of people in the Australian Fysh family tree

667 individuals, 192 families, 94 surnames

Allander, Joyce  
Allen, Frances (died 1760) 
Allen, unknown  
Ball, Thomas , vicar of Brandon, Suffolk? 
Ballanger, Jean  
Barlow, Caroline Emma (died circa 1893) 
Barlow, Wiliam John , clerk at Somerset House 
Batson, Elizabeth  
Batson, John  
Batson, unknown  
Bevan, Mary P. (private) 
Bevan, Roger  
Bolding, Jane  
Bordman, James , wine merchant, of Kings Lynn 
Bordman, Judith (circa 1694-1721) 
Burrows, Grace  
Burrows, Lucy  
Burrows, Rosina Frances (circa 1839-1920) 
Burrows, Thomas , cooper 
Burrows, unknown  
Chase, Elizabeth Ann (1786-1832) 
Chase, Samuel , surgeon, of Luton 
Christmas, Agnes Mary  
Christmas, Arthur Guy (born 1874) 
Christmas, Arthur Robert Durrant  
Christmas, Jeffrey  
Christmas, Margaret May  
Christmas, Mary  
Christmas, Rosemary  
Christmas, unknown  
Clements, Elizabeth  
Cooper, ?  
Cornwall, unknown (died before 1872) 
Crisp, Elizabeth (born circa 1790) of Bride Street, Islington 
Crisp, unknown  
Custance, Henry  
Dunham, Sarah  
Dunham, unknown  
Eggett, Rose (born circa 1799) 
Ellerby, William  
English, Francis  
English, William  
Evans, Brent David (private) 
Evans, Cindy Louise (private) 
Evans, Gary John (private) 
Evans, Steven John (private) 
Fish, Amy (born 1739) 
Fish, Ann (1737-1738) 
Fish, Ann (born 1741) 
Fish, Ann (born 1747) 
Fish, Elizabeth (born 1739) 
Fish, Esther (born 1736) 
Fish, James  
Fish, Susan (born 1755) 
Fish, Thomas , Mariner 
Fish, Thomas (died after 1762), thatcher, of Cockley Cley 
Fleet, Charlotte (1800-1875) 
Fleet, Samuel  
Foster, Ann (1794-1872), Printer (letter-press), of Northdelf, Wisbeach 
Fysh, Adam (born circa 1843), agricultural labourer 
Fysh, Adelaide E. (born circa 1877) 
Fysh, Agnes (born circa 1873) 
Fysh, Alfred (born circa 1852), Attorney's Clerk 
Fysh, Alfred (born circa 1854), brewer's clerk, of 3 Union Street, South Lynn 
Fysh, Alfred (born circa 1879) 
Fysh, Alice (born circa 1855) 
Fysh, Ann  
Fysh, Ann (born 1769) 
Fysh, Ann (1782-1786) 
Fysh, Ann (1801-1808) 
Fysh, Ann (1822-1824) 
Fysh, Ann Philadelphia (born 1826) 
Fysh, Anne  
Fysh, Anne M (born circa 1857) 
Fysh, Annie G. (born circa 1875) 
Fysh, Arthur Ed. (born circa 1870) 
Fysh, Arthur Land (born circa 1850), warehouseman, umbrella manufacturers, of 270 Richmond Rd, Hackney, London 
Fysh, Arthur W. (born circa 1879) 
Fysh, Benjamin (1771-1797), draper, of Watford 
Fysh, Benjamin (born 1802), labourer, of Gaywood, Norfolk 
Fysh, Catherine (died 1782) of Kings Lynn 
Fysh, Catherine (died before 1749) 
Fysh, Charles (born 1774) 
Fysh, Charles (born 1810), merchant service, of Russell Place, Lynn 
Fysh, Charles (born 1830), Apprentice to Tinplate Worker (Local Preacher), of Russell Street 
Fysh, Charles (born circa 1831), brushmaker 
Fysh, Charles (born circa 1850) 
Fysh, Charles (born circa 1850) 
Fysh, Charles (born circa 1851), police officer, of 10 Keppell Street, South Lynn 
Fysh, Charles (born circa 1867), fisherman 
Fysh, Charles (born circa 1869) 
Fysh, Charles (born circa 1878) 
Fysh, Charles (born circa 1880) 
Fysh, Charles Gray (born 1813) 
Fysh, Chistopher William Hereward (private) 
Fysh, Christian (born 1783) 
Fysh, Christopher (died 1795) 
Fysh, Christopher (died 1754), carpenter 
Fysh, Christopher  
Fysh, Christopher (circa 1742-1822) 
Fysh, Christopher (1773-1774) 
Fysh, Christopher (born 1786), carpenter, of Clenchwarton, then from 1824 Tilney All Saints. By 1851 in Brantwood, Canada. 
Fysh, Christopher Mark (1906-circa 1976), doctor of medicine 
Fysh, Daniel (died circa 1806), victualler, of Wormegay, Norfolk 
Fysh, Daniel  
Fysh, Daniel (born 1805), road man, of Turnpike (National School), Gaywood 
Fysh, Daniel (born circa 1846), agricultural labourer 
Fysh, David Nimmo (born 1824), farmer 
Fysh, Dorothy Lucy (born 1874) 
Fysh, Ebenezar Low (born 1828) 
Fysh, Ebenezer (born circa 1859), journeyman grocer, of 50 Everard St, South Lynn 
Fysh, Edith G. (born circa 1878) 
Fysh, Edward (born circa 1845) 
Fysh, Edward Wollaston (born 1823) 
Fysh, Eldred Edmund (1811-1849), MRCS, surgeon and chemist 
Fysh, Eleanor (born 1809) 
Fysh, Eleanor (born circa 1840), Dressmaker 
Fysh, Eleanor (born circa 1840) 
Fysh, Eliza (born 1822) 
Fysh, Eliza (born circa 1857) 
Fysh, Elizabeth (died 1761) 
Fysh, Elizabeth (born 1766) 
Fysh, Elizabeth (born 1767) 
Fysh, Elizabeth (born 1775) 
Fysh, Elizabeth (1786-1869) of 1 Rutland Terrace, Stamford 
Fysh, Elizabeth (circa 1821-1829) 
Fysh, Elizabeth (born circa 1852) 
Fysh, Elizabeth (born circa 1873) 
Fysh, Elizabeth Ann (born and died 1808) 
Fysh, Elizabeth Ann (1821-1890), Berlin Wool repository, of 1 Tuesday Market, Lynn 
Fysh, Elizabeth Ann (1864-1925), Waitress in Shop (Grocer) 
Fysh, Elizabeth Harriet (born 1815) 
Fysh, Elizabeth Martha (born 1831) 
Fysh, Elizabeth Wollaston (born circa 1818) 
Fysh, Elizbeth (born circa 1852) 
Fysh, Emily (born 1826) 
Fysh, Emily (born circa 1867) 
Fysh, Emma Charlotte (1818-1875), teacher 
Fysh, Emmerline (born circa 1846) 
Fysh, Esther Ann (born circa 1878) 
Fysh, Ethel (born circa 1876) 
Fysh, Ethel E. (born circa 1880) 
Fysh, Ethereld (born circa 1850) 
Fysh, Fanny (born circa 1876) 
Fysh, Florence (born circa 1877) 
Fysh, Florence L. (born circa 1880) 
Fysh, Frances  
Fysh, Frances (1745/46-1753) 
Fysh, Frances (born 1771) 
Fysh, Frances (born 1777) 
Fysh, Frances (1783-1864) of 1 Rutland Terrace, Stamford 
Fysh, Frances (born circa 1869) 
Fysh, Frances Crisp (born 1828) of Bride Street, Islington 
Fysh, Francis (circa 1752-circa 1809), tailor and woollen draper, of Kings Lynn 
Fysh, Francis (born 1784), farmer, of Brantford, Canada 
Fysh, Francis (born 1795) 
Fysh, Francis (born circa 1823), team man 
Fysh, Francis Land (circa 1847-circa 1890), shipping clerk, of 72 Riversdale Rd, Islington, London 
Fysh, Frederic (born circa 1878) 
Fysh, Frederick (born 1807) 
Fysh, Frederick (born 1819) 
Fysh, Gabriel Robert Lawrence (private) 
Fysh, George (born 1829) 
Fysh, George (born circa 1832) 
Fysh, George (born circa 1837), farm labourer, of Gaywood Road, Gaywood 
Fysh, George (born circa 1839), tanner's labourer, of Turnpike Lane, Gaywood 
Fysh, George (1844-1890), Postman and Grocer, of South Lynn, All Saints, Kings Lynn 
Fysh, George (born circa 1847) 
Fysh, George (born circa 1874) 
Fysh, George (born circa 1875) 
Fysh, George Horatio (born 1811) 
Fysh, George Randall  
Fysh, Georgiana (born circa 1860), dressmaker 
Fysh, Hannah  
Fysh, Hannah (born circa 1871) 
Fysh, Harriet (1809-1844) 
Fysh, Harriet (born circa 1857), shop assistant, of 50 Everard St, South Lynn 
Fysh, Harriet Elizabeth (born 1821) 
Fysh, Harriet Holmes (1823-before 1870) 
Fysh, Harry Frank (1860-1868) 
Fysh, Hawkins (born 1788) 
Fysh, Henry (died 1742), Clerk, of Norfolk  
Fysh, Henry (circa 1724-1798), surgeon and apothecary, of Kings Lynn 
Fysh, Henry (born 1806), Field Lane, Gaywood, of Gaywood 
Fysh, Henry (born 1822) 
Fysh, Henry (born circa 1830), labourer 
Fysh, Henry (born circa 1860), fisherman 
Fysh, Henry (born circa 1875) 
Fysh, Henry B. (born circa 1848), fisherman, of North Street, Kings Lynn St Margaret 
Fysh, Henry G. (born circa 1868) 
Fysh, Herbert W. (born circa 1879) 
Fysh, Hereward Mathew Stephen (1904-1970), farmer, of Vryburg, Northern Cape 
Fysh, Hewit (1763-1764) 
Fysh, Hewit (1803-1819) 
Fysh, Hewitt (circa 1767-1811) of Camberwell 
Fysh, Hewitt (born 1824) 
Fysh, Ida J. (born circa 1876) 
Fysh, James (circa 1715-1781), wine merchant, of Kings Lynn 
Fysh, James (born circa 1756), merchant, of Kings Lynn 
Fysh, James (1765-1827) 
Fysh, James (born 1785) 
Fysh, James (born 1791) 
Fysh, James (born 1793) 
Fysh, James (born circa 1832), labourer 
Fysh, James (born circa 1846), farm labourer, of Wootton Road Westside, Gaywood 
Fysh, James (born circa 1850) 
Fysh, James (born circa 1864) 
Fysh, James Davis (born circa 1844), agricultural labourer 
Fysh, James Henry (1792-1879) of 22 St. Peters Street, Stamford 
Fysh, James Henry (born 1833) 
Fysh, James Lowe (born 1807) 
Fysh, Jane (born 1804) 
Fysh, Jane (born 1823) 
Fysh, Jane (born circa 1846) 
Fysh, Jane (born circa 1867) 
Fysh, Jane Caroline (1820-1856) 
Fysh, Jane Gray (circa 1810-1811) 
Fysh, Jane Springell (born 1769) 
Fysh, Jane Springwell (1791-after 1851) 
Fysh, Jeremy  
Fysh, Jessie Marion (1861-1953) 
Fysh, John (died 1783) 
Fysh, John (born 1783) 
Fysh, John (circa 1789-1866), gentleman, of 2 Mill Fleet Terrace, Kings Lynn 
Fysh, John (1789-1875), carpenter, of 17 Upper John Street, Islington 
Fysh, John (born circa 1806), agricultural labourer, of Cross hill, Wormegay 
Fysh, John (born 1818), carpenter, of Bride Street, Islington 
Fysh, John (born circa 1826), journeyman tailor, of 1 Turners Yard, Kings Lynn St Margaret 
Fysh, John (born circa 1839) 
Fysh, John (born circa 1860) 
Fysh, John Alfred (1825-before 1828) 
Fysh, John Alfred (1828-1871), stockbroker's clerk, of 11 Willow Cottages, Islington 
Fysh, John C. (born 1850) 
Fysh, John Francis (1818-1901), grocer and draper, of Perkin Field, Terrington St Clement, Norfolk 
Fysh, John Francis (1867-1957) 
Fysh, John Hipkin (born circa 1840), general labourer, of West Winch 
Fysh, John Land (born circa 1821), hosier and glover, of 72 Riversdale Rd, Islington, London 
Fysh, John R. (born circa 1860) 
Fysh, John R. (born circa 1862), fisherman 
Fysh, Kate Lelia (1859-1944), governess 
Fysh, Kathleen Dorothy  
Fysh, Leonard (born circa 1814) 
Fysh, Leslie Owen Frank (born 1900) 
Fysh, Louisa (born circa 1866), domestic servant, of Field Lane, Gaywood, Norfolk 
Fysh, Louisa (born circa 1878) 
Fysh, Louisa M. (born circa 1880) 
Fysh, Louise (born circa 1868) 
Fysh, Low  
Fysh, Lucy (born circa 1848) 
Fysh, Margareet M. (born circa 1876) 
Fysh, Margaret (circa 1779-1785) 
Fysh, Margaret (born circa 1852), seamstress 
Fysh, Margaret (private) 
Fysh, Margaret Ann Frances (private) 
Fysh, Margaret Ellen (1876-1954) 
Fysh, Maria (born circa 1851) 
Fysh, Mark Anthony (private) 
Fysh, Martha (born circa 1843) 
Fysh, Mary (died after 1782) 
Fysh, Mary (born circa 1754) 
Fysh, Mary (1788-1836) of Kings Lynn and Stamford 
Fysh, Mary (born 1815) 
Fysh, Mary (1824-1827) 
Fysh, Mary (born circa 1838) 
Fysh, Mary (born circa 1843), Domestic Servant 
Fysh, Mary (born 1844) 
Fysh, Mary (born circa 1869) 
Fysh, Mary Ann (born circa 1835) 
Fysh, Mary Ann (born circa 1848) 
Fysh, Mary Anne (private) 
Fysh, Mary Christmas (1872-1951) 
Fysh, Mary E (born circa 1863) 
Fysh, Mary E. (born circa 1871) 
Fysh, Mary Elizabeth (born circa 1831) 
Fysh, Matthew (born 1778) 
Fysh, Matthew (born 1785) 
Fysh, Melanie  
Fysh, Michael Walton (1914-1933) 
Fysh, Nancy (born circa 1846) 
Fysh, Nathaniel (1835-1917), grocer's assistant 
Fysh, Nicholas  
Fysh, Patrick  
Fysh, Patrick Robert John (1902-1925) 
Fysh, Pleasance (born circa 1880) 
Fysh, Rachel (born circa 1829), dressmaker 
Fysh, Rhoda (born 1831) 
Fysh, Robert  
Fysh, Robert  
Fysh, Robert  
Fysh, Robert  
Fysh, Robert  
Fysh, Robert (died 1780) 
Fysh, Robert  
Fysh, Robert (1732-1798) 
Fysh, Robert (before 1766-1766) 
Fysh, Robert (born circa 1788), lighterman (in 1861 a pauper), of Bridge Street Yard, Lynn 
Fysh, Robert (1791-1811) 
Fysh, Robert (born circa 1836), labourer 
Fysh, Robert (born circa 1876) 
Fysh, Robert Michael Leslie (private) 
Fysh, Robert Parker (1866-1924), master mariner 
Fysh, Robert Peter (private) 
Fysh, Roderick  
Fysh, Rose E (born circa 1865) 
Fysh, Samuel (born circa 1801), grocer , of St. Nicholas Street, Lynn 
Fysh, Samuel (born circa 1824), apprentice, of 4 St. Mary's Terrace, West Ham, Essex 
Fysh, Sarah (born circa 1806) of Pilot Street, Lynn 
Fysh, Sarah (born circa 1818) 
Fysh, Sarah (born circa 1840) 
Fysh, Sarah (born circa 1877) 
Fysh, Sarah Grey (born 1805) 
Fysh, Siddle (1814-1890), seaman, Merchant Service, from 1871 a Matting Weaver, of 9 Hillington Square in 1851, in 1861 2 Chadwick Street, in 1881 50 Everard St, South Lynn 
Fysh, Simon  
Fysh, Springwell (1793-1828), bookseller, printer and binder 
Fysh, Springwell Hawkins (1820-1861), druggist 
Fysh, Springwell Hawkins (1863-1947) 
Fysh, Stanley (1870-1950) 
Fysh, Susan  
Fysh, Susan (died 1776) 
Fysh, Susan (circa 1685-1758) of Kings Lynn 
Fysh, Susan (born 1796) 
Fysh, Susan (1806-before 1860) 
Fysh, Susan (born circa 1836), dressmaker 
Fysh, Susan (born circa 1844) 
Fysh, Susan (born circa 1878) 
Fysh, Susan Gilian (private) 
Fysh, Susanna (died before 1782) 
Fysh, Susanna (born 1772) 
Fysh, Susanna (born circa 1853) 
Fysh, Susanna (born circa 1858) 
Fysh, Susannah (1774-1775) 
Fysh, Susannah (1778-1801) 
Fysh, Thomas  
Fysh, Thomas (circa 1650-1701), Rector, Ringstead St. Andrew, Norfolk 
Fysh, Thomas (after 1721-after 1782) 
Fysh, Thomas (circa 1745-1821), farmer, of Clenchwarton, Norfolk 
Fysh, Thomas (born 1764) 
Fysh, Thomas (born circa 1781), labourer 1815, butcher 1821, farmer 1841 
Fysh, Thomas (born 1784) 
Fysh, Thomas (born circa 1799), farm labourer, of River Lane, Gaywood 
Fysh, Thomas (1817-1818) 
Fysh, Thomas (born circa 1835), mariner, of Fisher Bridge Terrace, Lynn 
Fysh, Thomas (born circa 1841), Mariner 
Fysh, Thomas (born circa 1843) 
Fysh, Thomas (born circa 1845), Merchant Seaman 
Fysh, Thomas (born circa 1857) 
Fysh, Thomas Henry Springwell (private) 
Fysh, Thomas Lowe (born circa 1806), master wheelwright and farmer, of Tilney All Saints, Norfolk 
Fysh, Thomas R. (born circa 1842), stillman at a chemical works, of 26 Regent Street, Kings Lynn St Margaret 
Fysh, Timothy  
Fysh, Timothy (circa 1688-1768), Woolen Draper 
Fysh, Walter (born circa 1880) 
Fysh, Wiliam (born 1801), disabled seaman, merchant service, of north side, North Row, Hillingdon Square, Lynn 
Fysh, Willam (born circa 1881) 
Fysh, William  
Fysh, William (born 1740) 
Fysh, William (circa 1776-1778) 
Fysh, William (1798-1835) 
Fysh, William (born circa 1820), farm bailiff, of Park Lodge, Wormegay, Norfolk 
Fysh, William (born circa 1831) 
Fysh, William (born circa 1834) of 7 Union Place, Lynn 
Fysh, William (born 1869) 
Fysh, William (born circa 1871) 
Fysh, William Francis (born 1818) 
Fysh, William Hy. (born circa 1875) 
Fysh, William J. (born circa 1849), mariner, of St Johns St, South Lynn 
Fysh, William Johnson (born 1779) 
Fysh, William Walter (born 1808) 
Fysh, William Wollaston (1780-1835), tailor and draper, of 76 Hight Street, Lynn 
Fysh, Wilson (born circa 1834), Apprentice to The Sea 
Fysh, child  
Fysh, daughter  
Fysh, unknown (died before 1851) 
Fysh, unknown  
Fysh, unknown (died before 1861) 
Fysh, unkown  
Garland, Clyde Edward (born circa 1847) 
Garland, Frederick William (born circa 1849) 
Garland, Helen M. (born circa 1859) 
Garland, James D. (born circa 1854) 
Garland, William Henry (born circa 1821), Ship Insurance Broker, of 2 Millfleet Terrace, Lynn 
Genney, Mary (born circa 1796) 
Glanville, Ada Joyce (born 1917) 
Goode, Rachel Eliza  
Goode, Samuel  
Goode, Sophia Elmhurst ?Cary  
Gray, Sarah (circa 1782-1862) of living with her daughter Mary Kendle 
Greenacre, Mary Ann (born circa 1818) 
Hardie, William Henderson (died 1860) 
Hayes, Susanna  
Haylet, Thomas  
Hewett, James , retired Admiralty Clerk 
Hill, Jane  
Hipkin, Elizabeth (born circa 1805) 
Holdgate, George (1773-1837), 1822 - 1836, Publican, of Greenland Fishery, 28 Bridge Street, Kings Lynn 
Holdgate, John  
Holmes, Charlotte (born circa 1803) 
Holmes, Mary (died before 1861) 
Howes, Robert (circa 1838-1890), cattle dealer, of Tilney All Saints 
Hudson, John  
Kendle, Ada Mary (born 1854) 
Kendle, Bernard Charles (born 1856), Railway Clearing House Clerk, of 20 Hornsey Park, Hornsey, London (lodger) 
Kendle, Edith Mary (born 1885) 
Kendle, Elizabeth (born circa 1820) 
Kendle, Freda Joyce (1888-1937) 
Kendle, Frederic (born circa 1820), Capt. Dz Norfolk V.R., of Stonegate Street, Lynn 
Kendle, Frederic Wellesley (born 1852), medical student, of 92 Guilford St, St. Pancras, London 
Kendle, George Madway (1887-1915), sergeant in the New Zealand Infantry Force 
Kendle, Getrude Maughan (born 1858) 
Kendle, John (born circa 1796), merchant, of Queen Street, Lynn 
Kendle, Maria (born circa 1829) 
Kendle, Mary (born 1818) 
Kendle, William (born circa 1826) 
Kipping, Henry  
Lake, Eleanor  
Lake, Elizabeth  
Lake, George  
Lake, Sarah  
Lake, William  
Lake, William  
Land, John  
Land, Sarah (born circa 1799) 
Langley, Judith (born after 1749) 
Langley, William , merchant, of Kings Lynn 
Langley, daugher2 (born after 1749) 
Langley, son (born after 1749) 
Laundy, Edward (born circa 1841), master carver and gilder, of 54 Corporation Row, Clerkenwell, London 
Laundy, Frances Emily (born circa 1870) 
Low, Elizabeth (circa 1749-1802) 
Low, Hannah (died before 1821) 
Low, Thomas (died 1822), farmer, of Holme next the Sea, Norfolk 
Low, unknown  
McConnell, Andrew  
McCormick, Margaret Catherine  
Milham, Fiona Lenore (private) 
Neale, Elizabeth Ann  
O'Crask, R.  
Painter, Mary  
Parlett, John (born circa 1797) 
Parlett, Mary (born 1803) 
Parlett, William , Linen draper, of Lynn 
Parlett, William  
Peek, Elizabeth (born circa 1814), school mistress 
Pepys, George  
Persent, Maria (born circa 1801) 
Persent, Richard (born circa 1800) 
Persent, unknown  
Picot, Anthea Fleur Grace (private) 
Picot, George (1844-1922), captain, Royal Navy 
Picot, George Robert (born 1914) 
Picot, Guy Wellesley Kendle (private) 
Picot, John Kendle (private) 
Picot, Kerryn Louise (private) 
Picot, Ralph Joshua (1884-1961) 
Picot, Terry (born 1924) 
Picot, Wellesley Kendle (born 1917), captain, Australian Infantry Force 
Platten, Thomas  
Plowright, Anna Maria (born circa 1829) 
Plowright, Charles (born circa 1838) 
Plowright, Edward (born circa 1841) 
Plowright, Eliza (born 1830) 
Plowright, Elizabeth Ann (born 1832) 
Plowright, Elizabeth Fysh (born 1813) 
Plowright, Elizabeth Mary (born circa 1826) 
Plowright, Emily (born circa 1820) 
Plowright, George  of Norfolk Street, Lynn 
Plowright, George (born circa 1801), Baker, of Norfolk Street, Lynn 
Plowright, George (born circa 1835) 
Plowright, George Batch , Miler and Baker, of Lynn 
Plowright, Harriet(?) (born 1832) 
Plowright, Henry (born circa 1838) 
Plowright, Henry Bradfield (born circa 1803), Ironmonger, of King Street, Kings Lynn 
Plowright, Jane (born 1833) 
Plowright, Martha Ann (born 1815) 
Plowright, Rachel Jane (born circa 1828) 
Plowright, Thomas , Brazier, of Norfolk Street, Lynn 
Plowright, Wiliam , Miller , of Gaywood, Norfolk 
Plowright, Willam (circa 1787-1855), grocer, of 6 Saturday Market Place, Lynn 
Plowright, William (born 1813) 
Plowright, William Saddleton (1812-circa 1855), bookseller 
Rae, Mary  
Ram, Robert  
Ray, Geoffrey (private) 
Roberts, Beatrice Howes (1874-1946) 
Rosten, Adam  
Sayle, Boardman Bromhead Dalton (born circa 1850) 
Sayle, Francis Elizabeth (born circa 1847) 
Sayle, George (circa 1822-before 1861), surgeon, of Queen Street, Kings Staithe Square, Kings Lynn 
Sayle, George Randall (born circa 1849) 
Sayle, John  
Sayle, John James Henry (born circa 1855) 
Sayle, Mary H (born circa 1852) 
Sharman, Hereward (born 1875) 
Sharman, Mary Nona (1872-1953), Colonial Medical Services, Ceylon. Lecturer in anatomy at the University of Colombo. On the staff of the Lady Havelock General Hostpital. 
Sharman, Mathew Reid (born circa 1831), solicitor, of 17 Oxford Street (The George Inn), Wellingborough 
Siddle, Mary  
Singleton, Susannah (born circa 1811) of Hillington Square, Lynn 
Smith, Alexander  
Smith, Benjamin (circa 1738-1829) of Kings Lynn 
Smith, Benjamin (born circa 1823) 
Smith, Elizabeth  
Smith, Esther  
Smith, Jane (1735-1806) 
Smith, Jane (1818-1905) of Hillington Square, Lynn 
Smith, Mary  
Smith, Robert  
Smith, Robert , Porter 
Smith, unknown  
Smith, unknown2  
Smith, unknown3  
Smith, unknown4  
Smith, unknown5  
Smith, unknown6  
Square, Jane  
Stanton, Joseph , cooper, of Stoke Ferry 
Stockburn, John  of Parish of the Holy Trinity, Hull 
Strange, Jean Frances (1919-1998) 
Sykes, John  
Sykes, William , vicar 
Thistle, Charles  
Thistle, Charles (circa 1771-circa 1846), mariner, of Union Lane, Lynn 
Thistle, Charles (born circa 1808) 
Thistle, Francis Bagge  
Thistle, Nicholas (born circa 1831), pawnbroker, of Union Lane, Lynn 
Thomas, Mary (born circa 1796), housekeeper, of Union Lane, Lynn 
Tullett, Ann  
Turner, Frederick  
Turner, Harriet (born circa 1830) 
Turner, Harriet Fysh  
Turner, Hewitt F (born circa 1831), warehouseman 
Turner, Hewitt Fysh (born circa 1790), table cover manufacturer, of 46 Myddleton Street, Clerkenwell 
Turner, James (born circa 1842) 
Turner, William (born circa 1828), table cover manufacturer 
Vincent, Ann (circa 1763-1835) 
Warwick, Charlotte  
Watering, James  
Webber, Richard  
West, Sarah  
West, Thomas , farmer 
Wigg, Emma (born circa 1839) 
Wigg, John Goddard , Chemist, of 3 Saturday Market, Kings Lynn 
Wigg, Kate (born circa 1846) 
Wilkins, Mary (circa 1756-1804) 
Wilson, Jane (born circa 1809) 
Wimble, Nina May (1852-1935) 
Wollaston, Elizabeth (1755-1807) 
Young, Ann (born circa 1801) 

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