Sarah Ball (1827 - 1845) - herdiary
Extracted from Chapter VIof Elizabeth Ritchie, Lessons of life and death - a memorialof Sarah Ball, London, 1846, 1847.

In the summer of 1844 Sarah bade farewell to W-. Before returning toBurwell her steps were directed to London, on a visit to some friends, andthence to Hastings...

July 4th Hastings. Before I left London I went to WestminsterAbbey! Oh! this was a magnificent sight!... Whilst I was having thisdelightful treat [prize giving at University College] the rest weredriving through the principal parts of the town and saw the Queen andPrince Albert and the children and enjoyed it greatly... How wicked Londonlooks on a Sunday!... On Monday morning we started for Hastings. All theway the scenery was most lovely. We are lodging just opposite the sea.

I have not at all exaggerated Hastings in my imagination. It is alovely spot. To me, it seems a sacred one. Yesterday I walked into thechurchyard with papa and he showed me dear grandpapa's grave and thegraves of many others of my ancestors as far back as my great greatgrandmammas. So that, in this churchyard, numbering ourselves, there werefive generation. Do you wonder at my loving Hastings?

Sept 1844... You want to hear about myself. Indeed I have much tomake me happy. I have two sweet rooms nearly to myself. My bedroom is socomfortable. I have in it a sofa and a little table on which lies Bridges- dear Bridges. At night I look out on the beautiful stars and sometimesfor a little I can see the moon, but it does not stay long by my window. Ihave a few choice books upstairs. In the school-room I have a table onwhich I always keep my desk, and books that I am using. Behind me are mybookshelves which are nicely filled. Opposite to me is the open window,with a row of flowers and slips; and by the window the chair I sit on whenin school, with my work basket and a little chair for Fred. On my desk isa little flower glass in which I put some lovely flowers.

May 1845. Now Elizabeth is much better, but still the pain in herside and cough shocking! Oh! to look on a sister and feel that the hand ofconsumption is laid there...

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