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Thommaso Chiappini
Anthonio Caspar Melchior Balthazar Chiappini 1
merchant 2
born circa 1778, Florence, Tuscany 3
died 30 August 1860, Wynberg, Cape Town 4
buried Observatory, Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery 5
In his petition for permission to remain at the Cape, dated 13th July 1807,
presented to then Governor of the Cape, he stated that he was a native
of Florence, and had 'arrived at the Cape on his return from Calcutta, to
England in the Danish Ship Dannebrog, in the month of October 1803,
from circumstances was induced to stay in the Cape and on application
to the then existing government procured permission ot the Governor to
remain at the Colony.

According to his death notice of 1860 completed by Peter James Chiappini,
his parents were Thommaso & Vincenzia Chiappini. D F Malherbe, however,
in his book Stamregister van Suid-Afikaanse Families, 1966, states that his
parents were Lorenzo Chiappini (1739-1821) and Vencenzia Diligenti (info.
courtesy Heather MacAlister
). This last, as usual with such publications,
gives no source for this information. Until I can find a reliable documentary
source, I remain doubtful.

Timothy J. Keegan in his book, Colonial South Africa and the origins of the
racial order, statest that: Antonio Chiappini, an Italian raised in England,
whose sister was married to the Irish peer Lord Newborough, and who initially
arrived at the Cape en route to India where he had been commissioned to
decorate the ceilings of Government House in Calcutta. This does not exactly
chime with Chiappini's own statement (above) that he arrived at the Capeon his
return from Calcutta, and no source is provided, at least in the Google Books
version. (Colonial South Africa and the origins of the racial order, by Timothy
Keegan, 1996, Leicester Univ. Press)

married 9 January 1804 at Cape Town 6

Johanna Magdalena Heugh
1783-after 1860

Lorenzo Ferdinando

Edward Lorenzo

Alexander Ferdinand
1808 -

Peter James
1810 -

Lorenzo Scott

Antoinetta Petronella
1814 -

Christiaan Fredrik Robert

Susanna Maria

Ewan Christian
1818 -

Johanna Wilhelmina

children of Anthonio Caspar Melchior Balthazar Chiappini and Johanna Magdalena Heugh

Lorenzo Ferdinando Chiappini born 1804
born 1804 7
baptized 16 December 1804, Cape Town 8

Edward Lorenzo Chiappini born 1806
born 17 November 1806
baptized 30 November 1806, Cape Town
 married 1 July 1830 Cape Town, The English Church

Anna Catherine Margaretha Gie 9

Alexander Ferdinand Chiappini 1808-1843
born 22 September 1808, at the Cape
died 14 July 1843, Cape Town
 married 22 May 1833 Cape Town, The English Church

Maria Elizabeth Bolleurs 10

Peter James Chiappini 1810-1889
born 4 February 1810, Cape Town
baptized 25 February 1810, Cape Town
died 10 September 1889, Manor House, Mowbray
buried Observatory, Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery
 married 17 May 1838 at her father's house, Heerengracht, Cape Town

Elizabeth Maria Maasdorp 11 circa 1818-1896

Lorenzo Scott Chiappini born 1813
born 12 January 1813
baptized 24 January 1813, Cape Town

Marianne Fichart 12 circa 1816-1854

Antoinetta Petronella Chiappini 1814-1866
born 12 May 1814, Cape Town
baptized 5 June 1814, Cape Town
died 8 July 1866, Vredenhof, Wynberg
 married 27 September 1837 8 St Georges Street

William Hawkins 13 died before 1866

Christiaan Fredrik Robert Chiappini born 1815
born 2 September 1815 14
baptized 24 September 1815, Cape Town 15

Susanna Maria Chiappini born 1816
born 1 October 1816
baptized 20 October 1816, Cape Town
 married 27 September 1837 8 St Georges Street

Collis Christopher J. Delmege 16
M.D., of the 27th Regiment

Ewan Christian Chiappini 1818-1839
born 5 September 1818 17
baptized 27 September 1818, Cape Town 18
died 19 January 1839, Cape Town 19

Johanna Wilhelmina Chiappini 20 born 1822
born 24 September 1822 21
baptized 13 October 1822, Cape Town 22
 married 30 August 1843 St George's Church, Cape Town 24

William Yates Eldridge 23

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