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Marten Jans van Staden
circa 1638-1716
Maria Ariens van Amerongen
died circa 1677
Martinus van Staden
Aletta van der Merwe
circa 1687-circa 1729
Marthinus van Staden 1
of Noro, on the Palmiet River 2
Burger Lieutenant for the 'Verre Gelegene Districten' (1743)
born circa 1705 3
died circa March 1746 4
On the 21st March 1727 his stepfather, Claas Jansz van Rensburg
and his uncle Willem van Staden, acting on his behalf, received the
inheritance due the minor Marthinus van Staden in order to buy
him a quantity of breeding cattle. On the 8th August the amount
was stated to have been 2400 gulden. He was thus still a minor at
this date.

On the 7th April 1730 the Weeskamer granted him his request to be
allowed to have control of the inheritance due him from his mother's
estate. Since no other reason is given, this was presumably on the
usual grounds of his having now attained his majority of 25 years of
age. (MOOC 1/7, page 21).

He and his wife also had a farm called the Doornekraal, on the Vette

The children are listed as given in the inventory drawn up on 3rd
October 1746 after his death. Their dates of birth are from their ages
as given in this inventory.


Catharina Botha
died before 1791

b. c1730

c1732 -

Hans Jurgen
c1733 -

b. c1735

Catharina Maria
b. c1737

Jacobus Fredrik
c1739 -

Johannes Willem
b. c1741

Anna Margaretha
b. c1743

b. c1746

children of Marthinus van Staden and Catharina Botha

Aletta van Staden 5 born circa 1730

Theowald Andreas 6

Marthinus van Staden circa 1732-before 1791
born circa 1732
died before 1791

Hans Jurgen van Staden 7 circa 1733-before 1791
born circa 1733
died before 1791 8

Elisabeth van Staden 9 born circa 1735

Hans Jurgen Potgieter 10

Catharina Maria van Staden born circa 1737

Pieter Hendrik Ferreira 11

Jacobus Fredrik van Staden 12 circa 1739-before 1791
born circa 1739
died before 1791 13

Johannes Willem van Staden 14 born circa 1741

Anna Margaretha van Staden 15 born circa 1743

Hermanus Steyn de jonge 16

Hendrik van Staden 17 born circa 1746
born circa February 1746

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