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unknown Thwaites
Jeremiah Thwaites, in his will of 1711, refers to his 'cousins'
Thomas Thwaites and Mary Sammon. At this period this word
often referred to nephews and nieces and I have assumed,
for lack of any other evidence so far, that this is what is meant

He also states that his parents had been buried in the parish
church at Chelmsford but, although I have had a look at the
parish register in microfilm format, I have been unable to find
any such burials that I could identify as his parents.


c1653 -


children of unknown and Thwaites

Jeremiah Thwaites 1 circa 1653-circa 1716
Yeoman of the Guard 2
born circa 1653, (? Springfield, Essex) 3
died circa November 1716, (assumed from burial date)
buried 5 December 1716, Chelmsford, St. Mary 4
will dated 23 June 1711
and proved 3 December 1716, to his widow, Frances Thwaites
and again 15 Novemter 1718 to Thomas Thwaites

Notes: According to his memorial in Chelmsford Cathedral, he was 'of
Springfield' and one of the Yeoman of the Guard during the
reigns of Charles II, James II, William III and Mary II and second
Yeoman Usher to Queen Anne and George I.

In his will he mentions his cousins, Thomas Thwaites and Mary
Sammon, and his wife, in her will of 27 January 1717/18 goes on
to further identify them as 'my kinsman Thomas Thwait of
Rotherhithe in the County of Surrey Sailmaker' and 'Mrs Mary
Salmon, sister of the said Mr Thomas Thwaite'.

 married (1) circa May 1693 (assumed from marriage licence date)

Anne Darmer 5 circa 1646-before 1703
born circa 1646 6
died before 1703, (assumed from date of husband's next marriage)

Notes: Darmer was her married name. She was
described as a widow at the time of her marriage
to Jeremiah Thwaites. Her maiden name unknown.

 married (2) 4 May 1703 Temple Church, London 8

Frances King 7 circa 1663-circa 1718
of Clerkenwell, St. James 9
born circa 1663, (? assumed - age given on marriage licence) 10
died circa October 1718, (assumed from date of probate)
will dated 27 January 1717/18 11
and proved 8 November 1718, to Thomas Thwaits 12

unknown Thwaites

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