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Thomas Billing
Susan Backler
before 1619-1687
Thomas Billing
died 1736
Thomas Billing 1
born circa 1686, (guess)
died January 1746/47
buried 24 January 1746/47, Scarning 2
No baptism has yet been found for this Thomas Billing. I have
assumed him to be the son of the Thomas Billing (1655-1721)
and his wife Elizabeth on the following grounds.

The Thomas Billing who was buried at Weasenham All Saints
in 1721 was described in his will as Thomas Billing the Elder,
and he names his son Thomas as his main heir and then names
his other children in the order of their baptisms.

Because his grandmother, Susannah Billing, who made her will
in December 1683, does not seem to mention any children of her
son Thomas, I have guessed his birth date in a convenient gap
after this date. In 1738 he himself stated that he was the eldest
son of his parents (see below). It remains a guess, however.

This Thomas Billling who, with his wife Sarah, was having children
baptised between 1712 and 1732 at Weasenham All Saints, is de-
scribed in the parish register as Thomas Billing junior until 1720,
but at the next baptism following (1724) and onwards, the 'junior'
is dropped.

It would seem that he and his family moved from Weasenham,
where all their children were baptised, to Scarning at some
time between 1732 and 1736.

On 31st May 1738 Thomas Billing appeared before the Manor
Court of Weasenham East Hall to report the death of his father
and his mother who had been copyhold tenants of this Manor,
the ownership having been for both their lives. He is described
as their eldest son and heir and of full age. It is then stated that
the said Thomas Billing and Elizabeth his wife took up ownership
of the land, 3 roods of copyhold land parcel of a close called the
Bullyard, on the 3rd day of January 1687.

I have assumed that the 1746 burial in Scarning is his.

married 23 October 1711 at Litcham 3

Sarah Lines

1712 -



b. c1720

b. c1720



children of Thomas and Sarah Billing

Robert Billing 1712-1783
born 1712
baptized 31 August 1712, Weasenham All Saints
died August 1783
buried 29 August 1783, Weasenham All Saints

Sarah died 1760

Thomas Billing born 1716
baptized 18 March 1715/16, Weasenham All Saints 4

Sarah Billing born 1718
born 1718 5
baptized 29 December 1718, Weasenham All Saints 6

John Billing born circa 1720
baptized 13 December 1720, Weasenham All Saints 7

Notes: Grimston marriages, Phillimore
John Billing & Margaret Long 18 May 1760

Elizabeth Billing born circa 1720
baptized 13 December 1720, Weasenham All Saints 8

Notes: She is mentioned as 'my sister Elizabeth Rix' by Robert Billing in his
will of 1783.

 married 10 April 1740 All Saints, Weasenham 9

Thomas Rix

George Billing born 1724
baptized 17 November 1724, Weasenham All Saints 10

John Billing born 1732
baptized 13 May 1732, Weasenham All Saints 11

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