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List of people in the Billing family tree

184 individuals, 50 families, 30 surnames

Backler, John  
Backler, Matthew (born 1620) 
Backler, Susan (before 1619-1687) 
Backler, Thomas (died 1619/20), carpenter, of Litcham, Norfolk 
Backler, Thomas (before 1619-circa 1664), millwright 
Backler, William  
Backler, William (born before 1619), husbandman, of Litcham, Norfolk 
Billing, Agnes (born 1606) 
Billing, Ann (1645-1721) 
Billing, Ann (born 1683) 
Billing, Ann (born 1684) 
Billing, Ann (born 1700) 
Billing, Anne (born 1618) 
Billing, Bridgett (born 1626) 
Billing, Charles (born 1708) 
Billing, Charlotte (born 1785) 
Billing, Christin (born 1712) 
Billing, Elizabeth  
Billing, Elizabeth  
Billing, Elizabeth  
Billing, Elizabeth (born 1577) 
Billing, Elizabeth (born 1638) 
Billing, Elizabeth (born 1650) 
Billing, Elizabeth (born 1693) 
Billing, Elizabeth (born 1717) 
Billing, Elizabeth (born circa 1720) 
Billing, Faith  
Billing, George (born 1724) 
Billing, George (1755-1757) 
Billing, George (born circa 1778) 
Billing, Giles  
Billing, Harriet (born 1785) 
Billing, Henry (died 1618) 
Billing, Henry (died circa 1589/90) 
Billing, Henry (died 1679), linen weaver, of East Lexham 
Billing, Henry (died 1810), farmer, of Weasenham All Saints 
Billing, Henry  
Billing, Henry  
Billing, Henry (born 1566) 
Billing, Henry (born circa 1600) 
Billing, Henry (born circa 1609) 
Billing, Henry (1637-1637/38) 
Billing, Henry (circa 1640-1719) 
Billing, Henry (born 1641) 
Billing, Henry (born 1669) 
Billing, Henry (circa 1680-circa 1747), p.wright 
Billing, Henry (1695-1763), thatcher, of Weasenham All Saints 
Billing, Henry (1697-1707) 
Billing, Henry (born 1706) 
Billing, Henry (circa 1720-circa 1788), wheelwright, of Weasenham St. Peter 
Billing, Henry (born 1721) 
Billing, Honor (born 1745) 
Billing, Honor (1774-1798) 
Billing, James (1568-1647) 
Billing, James (1606-before 1630) 
Billing, James (born & died 1678) 
Billing, James (1682-1758), carpenter, of Weasenham All Saints 
Billing, James (born 1688) 
Billing, James (born 1711) 
Billing, James (born 1725) 
Billing, Jane (born circa 1774) 
Billing, Joan (born 1570) 
Billing, Joan (born 1603) 
Billing, John  of Weasenham All Saints 
Billing, John (died 1624/25) 
Billing, John (died circa 1568) of Weasenham All Saints 
Billing, John  
Billing, John  
Billing, John  
Billing, John (born 1568) 
Billing, John (1668-before 1672) 
Billing, John (1672-1740), Thackster 
Billing, John (born 1700) 
Billing, John (born 1704) 
Billing, John (born circa 1720) 
Billing, John (born 1723) 
Billing, John (born 1732) 
Billing, John (born 1780) 
Billing, Lydia (born circa 1733) 
Billing, Margaret (born 1563) 
Billing, Margaret (born 1611) 
Billing, Margaret (born 1635) 
Billing, Margaret (born 1708) 
Billing, Margerie (born 1603) 
Billing, Mary  
Billing, Mary  
Billing, Mary (born 1565) 
Billing, Mary (born 1618) 
Billing, Mary (born 1648) 
Billing, Mary (born & died 1674) 
Billing, Mary (1689-1693) 
Billing, Mary (born 1698) 
Billing, Mary (born 1707) 
Billing, Mary (born 1783) 
Billing, Moll (born 1731) 
Billing, Moll (born 1766) 
Billing, Parnell (born circa 1560) 
Billing, Philip (born 1612) 
Billing, Robert (born 1691) 
Billing, Robert (1712-1783), farmer, of Weaseham All Saints, Norfolk 
Billing, Robert (born 1727) 
Billing, Robert (circa 1778-1802) 
Billing, Robt. (born 1752) 
Billing, Rose (1683-before 1683) 
Billing, Sarah  
Billing, Sarah (born 1704) 
Billing, Sarah (born 1718) 
Billing, Sarah (born circa 1738) 
Billing, Sarah (1757-1797) 
Billing, Stephen  
Billing, Susan (born 1646) 
Billing, Susanna (born 1702) 
Billing, Susanna (born 1714) 
Billing, Thomas  
Billing, Thomas (born 1572) 
Billing, Thomas (1608-1664), husbandman, of Weasenham All Saints 
Billing, Thomas (born 1629) 
Billing, Thomas (1647-1668/69) 
Billing, Thomas (1655-1721), carpenter, of Weasenham All Saints 
Billing, Thomas (1666-circa 1728), labourer, of Hellhoughton 
Billing, Thomas (circa 1686-1746/47) 
Billing, Thomas (born circa 1700) 
Billing, Thomas (born 1705) 
Billing, Thomas (born 1716) 
Billing, Thomas (born circa 1729) 
Billing, Thomas (circa 1744-1814), farmer, of Coxford in the parish of East Rudham, Norfolk 
Billing, Thomas (after 1770-after 1812) 
Billing, William  
Billing, William (born 1695), shepherd 
Billing, William (circa 1724-circa 1774) 
Billing, William (born & died 1759) 
Billing, William (1786-1809) 
Billing, unknown daughter  
Billing, unknown son  
Burges, John  
Burges, Richard  
Burges, unknown  
Claxton, Richard  
Copper, Thomas  
Dotterell, William  
Dotterell, unknown  
Goodwin, Susan  
Gray, William  of Kings Lynn 
Hammond, William  
Hampton, Bridget (died 1635) 
Hilling, Mary (circa 1743-circa 1828) 
Jarvis, Thomas  
Kingman, unknown  
Lines, Sarah  
Mavrall, Elizabeth (died 1686/87) 
Melton, Mary  
Morris, John Horatio  of South Wooton 
Overton, Barnaby  
Overton, Henry  
Pack, John  of Hellhoughton 
Parker, John  
Rix, Thomas  
Smith, unknown  
Spashall, John , ploughwright, of Yaxham 
Springall, Richard  
Spurn, Amy (died circa 1741) 
Stairs, Francis  
Sutton, unknown  
Wilkins, Margery (died 1615) 

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