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Susanne Gardiol 1
died circa September 1729, (date of inventory) 2
According to Maurice Boucher she arrived at the Cape with her
mother and her two sisters, probably on the 'Wapen van Alkmaar',
having left Amsterdam for the Cape on 18th July 1688.
(M.Boucher, French Speakers at the Cape, 1981)

Her children are given as listed in the inventories of Abraham
de Villiers and her own, and entries from the baptismal register of
the church at Drakenstein.

married (1)

Abraham de Villiers
died 1720
of Meerust, Drakenstein 3

c1690 -



1697 -



c1705 -

married (2) between May 1721 and April 1722 24

Claude Marais
born circa 1663

children of Susanne Gardiol and Abraham de Villiers

Elisabeth de Villiers circa 1690-1765
born circa 1690, Cape of Good Hope
died 25 March 1765, Drakenstein

Hermanus Bosman 4 circa 1683-1769
visitor of the sick, in the service of the VOC
of De Nieuwe Plantagie, Drakenstein

Rachel de Villiers 5

Antonij Faure 6

Margaretha de Villiers 7
 married (1)

Jan Lesagie 8 died before 1721
died before 1721 9
 married (2)

Christiaan Ackerman 10

Susanne de Villiers 11 1697-before 1730
born 1697
baptized 24 November 1697, Drakenstein 12
died before 1730 13

Pieter Joubert 14 died circa 1730
of De Drie Fontaine, Drakenstein 15
died circa 1730, (date of inventory) 16

Notes: According to the Inventory drawn on 26th September
1730, after his death, his wife had predeceased him and he
left four children, Susanna aged 12, Elisabeth aged 9, Pieter
aged 6 and Rachel aged 6 months.

Jean de Villiers born 1699
baptized 20 September 1699, Drakenstein 17

Notes: Not mentioned in his father or mothers inventory
and presumably died in infancy.

Maria de Villiers 18

Notes: In 1721, according to her father's inventory,
she was unmarried.


Jan Christoffel Schabort 19 died circa 1746
of Meerrust, Drakenstein 20
died circa April 1746, (date of inventory)

Notes: He presumably bought Meerust from the estate of his
mother-in-law, Susanna Gardiol, since the transfer was dated 9th
June 1730 according to his inventory drawn up on 26 April 1746. He
also owned a farm called Eensaamheid, transfer the same date and
left just one son, Jan Christoffel Schabort, aged 21 according to this
same inventory, by his wife who died before him.

Jacob de Villiers 21 circa 1705-circa 1736
born circa 1705 22
died circa September 1736, (date of inventory) 23

Notes: He is decribed as disabled (gebrekkelijk) in
the inventory drawn up after his father's death in 1721.

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