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Mark Sargent
Alice Gypson
circa 1545-after 1590
Edward Sargent
born 1573, HASTINGS, Sussex 1
baptized 11 January 1572/73, HASTINGS, Sussex (St ) 2
died 15 October 1620, HASTINGS, Sussex 3
buried 15 October 1620, HASTINGS, Sussex (All Saints') 4
SERGEANT in BT of Burial Register. Son William Fisherman 1623.
15 OCT 1620: Edward SARGEANT - slayne by the halling Upp of his father's ship
called the Blessing. Upon Sunday.

married 27 April 1595 at HASTINGS, Sussex (St ) 5

Joane Gowyn





children of Edward and Joane Sargent

Mark Sargent born 1599
born 1599, HASTINGS, Sussex 6
baptized 2 January 1598/99, HASTINGS, Sussex (All Saints') 7
buried circa 1607 8

Aves Sargent born 1602
born 1602, HASTINGS, Sussex 9
baptized 17 April 1602, HASTINGS, Sussex (St.Clement's)
 married 4 September 1620 HASTINGS, Sussex (St.Clement's)

William Gawen

John Sargent born 1606
born 1606, HASTINGS, Sussex
baptized 15 June 1606, HASTINGS, Sussex (All Saints')

Alice (Mrs) Sargent

Marke Sargent born 1609
born 1609, HASTINGS, Sussex 10
baptized 1 November 1609, HASTINGS, Sussex (All Saints') 11

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