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List of people in the Sargent family tree

192 individuals, 56 families, 38 surnames

Arundell, John  
Arundell, unknown  
Avery, Elizabeth  of Westram, Kent 
Ball, John (born circa 1700) 
Bayley, Elizabeth (born before 1676) 
Bayley, Thomas  
Body, John  
Bourn, Elizabeth (1701-1700/01) 
Bourn, Thomas (1660-1734) 
Bourn, Thomas (born 1693) 
Bourn, William (born 1696) 
Bourne, Mary (born 1706) 
Bourne, Susanna (1699-1769) 
Boyce, Mary  
Boyle, Elizabeth  
Broadbridge, Richard  
Cloydonne, Nisell  
Daniell, Daniel (born 1693) 
Daniell, Nicholas (1621-1681) 
Fautley, Denys (1599-1637) 
Gawen, Ann  
Gawen, Anne (died circa 1737) 
Gawen, John  
Gawen, Mercy  
Gawen, Stephen (died 1714), innholder, of Hastings 
Gawen, Unknown (m)  
Gawen, William  
Gawen, unknown  
Gibbon, Anne (born 1686) 
Gibbon, Anthony (1690-1689/90) 
Gibbon, Elizabeth (born & died 1677) 
Gibbon, Elizabeth (born 1680) 
Gibbon, John (born 1693) 
Gibbon, Mary (born 1678) 
Gibbon, Stephen (died circa 1715/16), Baker, of Hastings 
Gibbon, Stephen (1683-1687) 
Gibbon, Stephen (born 1690/91) 
Gibbon, Stephen (1714-1715/16) 
Gowyn, Joane  
Grove, Robert  
Gypson, Alice (circa 1545-after 1590) 
Haddon, Helen  
Hailes, Dorothy (born 1691) 
Hailes, Richard  
Hollibone, Elizabeth (died 1667) 
Lasher, Elizabeth (1670-1696) 
Luckett, Mary  
Martin, Elizabeth  
Medow, Elizabeth (born circa 1607) 
Palmer, Denys (born 1559) 
Phillip, Ann (born 1684) 
Phillip, Mark (born 1681) 
Phillip, Robert (born circa 1650) 
Phillip, Robert (born 1679) 
Puntis, John  
Puntis, Mary  
Puntis, Richard  
Puntis, William  
Safery, John  
Safery, John  
Safery, Mary (died circa 1725), widow, of Hastings 
Safery, Mary  
Safery, Thomas  
Sampson, Thomas , yeoman, of Tenterden, Kent 
Sargant, Nicholas (born 1635) 
Sargeant, Dorothy (born 1632) 
Sargeant, Richard (born 1633) 
Sargent, Affable  
Sargent, Agnes (1570/71-after 1581) 
Sargent, Agnes (born 1581) 
Sargent, Agnes (born 1619) 
Sargent, Agnes (born 1620) 
Sargent, Alice (1591-after 1599) 
Sargent, Alice (born 1599) 
Sargent, Alice (born 1610) 
Sargent, Alice (1621-after 1628) 
Sargent, Alice (born 1626) 
Sargent, Alice (1628-1700) 
Sargent, Alice (born 1629) 
Sargent, Alice (1637-after 1666) 
Sargent, Alice (Mrs) (died 1685/86) 
Sargent, Alice (Mrs)  
Sargent, Alice (Mrs)  
Sargent, Ann  
Sargent, Ann  
Sargent, Ann  
Sargent, Ann  
Sargent, Ann (born 1591) 
Sargent, Ann (Mrs) (died 1693) 
Sargent, Anna (Mrs)  
Sargent, Anne (1693-before 1721) 
Sargent, Aves (born 1602) 
Sargent, Avis (born 1580) 
Sargent, Denis  
Sargent, Dennis  
Sargent, Edward (1573-1620) 
Sargent, Edward (born 1597) 
Sargent, Edward (1691-1698) 
Sargent, Edward (born 1708) 
Sargent, Elizabeth  
Sargent, Elizabeth  
Sargent, Elizabeth  
Sargent, Elizabeth (died after 1769) 
Sargent, Elizabeth  
Sargent, Elizabeth (born 1616) 
Sargent, Elizabeth (born 1654) 
Sargent, Elizabeth (born 1665) 
Sargent, Elizabeth (1668-1706) 
Sargent, George (1634-1691) 
Sargent, George (born 1675) 
Sargent, George (born 1702) 
Sargent, Hannah (born 1651) 
Sargent, Hannah (born 1664) 
Sargent, Henry  
Sargent, Henry (died circa 1719), mariner, of Hastings 
Sargent, Henry (1680-1772), mariner, boatman, of St. Clements, Hastings 
Sargent, Jane (born 1631) 
Sargent, Johan (1625-1626) 
Sargent, Johan (born 1626) 
Sargent, John  
Sargent, John  
Sargent, John (died circa 1747) 
Sargent, John (died circa 1724), mariner, of Hastings, Sussex 
Sargent, John (1568-1641) 
Sargent, John (1594-1645) 
Sargent, John (born 1606) 
Sargent, John (born 1628) 
Sargent, John (1631-1672) 
Sargent, John (born 1642) 
Sargent, John (born & died 1679) 
Sargent, John (born 1685) 
Sargent, John (born 1706) 
Sargent, Marck (born 1589) 
Sargent, Margaret  
Sargent, Margarett (died 1666/67) 
Sargent, Mark (1538-1606) 
Sargent, Mark (1566-1637) 
Sargent, Mark (born 1599) 
Sargent, Mark (born 1622) 
Sargent, Mark (born 1623) 
Sargent, Mark (born 1628) 
Sargent, Mark (born 1642) 
Sargent, Mark (1666-before 1670) 
Sargent, Marke (born 1609) 
Sargent, Marke (1624-1672) 
Sargent, Marke (born 1659) 
Sargent, Mary  
Sargent, Mary  
Sargent, Mary (born 1623) 
Sargent, Mary (1629-after 1666) 
Sargent, Mary (born 1655) 
Sargent, Mary Ann (born 1578) 
Sargent, Michael (1604-after 1676) 
Sargent, Paule (born 1610) 
Sargent, Richard (died circa 1703), mariner, of Hastings, Sussex 
Sargent, Richard (1578-1628) 
Sargent, Richard (1591-1666) 
Sargent, Richard (born 1617) 
Sargent, Richard (1624-1671) 
Sargent, Richard (born 1627) 
Sargent, Robert  
Sargent, Robert (1606-1629) 
Sargent, Robert (born 1698) 
Sargent, Sarah  
Sargent, Sarah  
Sargent, Stephen  
Sargent, Stephen  
Sargent, Stephen  
Sargent, Susanna (Mrs) (died 1691) 
Sargent, Susannah  
Sargent, Theodosia  
Sargent, Thomas (1602-1676) 
Sargent, Thomas (born 1630) 
Sargent, Unice  
Sargent, William (born 1644) 
Sargent, unknown  
Seth, John , innholder, of Ashford, Kent 
Sparrow, Alice (died 1631) 
Standbynorth, Ann (circa 1600-1624) 
Standbynorth, Mary (born 1592) 
Thatcher, John  
Wayles, Agnes (born 1568) 

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