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Sources used to compile this family tree

? source
? source 1
? source1
Another Mark/e in 1609
Another child named Agnes then.
Another daughter called Alice in 1628.
Baptism to John & MARY in 1739.
Bishop's Transcript (Helen Southen).
Bishop's Transcript..Helen Southen.
Bishop's Transcript..Helen Southen. 1627 new calendar.
Bishop's Transcript..Helen Southen. 1628 new calendar.
Bishop's Transcript..Helen Southen. 1629 new calendar.
Bishop's Transcript..Helen Southen. 1632 new calendar.
Bishop's Transcript..Helen Southen. 1634 new calendar.
British Vital Records - LDS - All Saints, Hastings
British Vitals (Helen Southen).
British Vitals (Richard Ball).
Challen Transcript.
Challen Transcripts.
Deduced from Date of Admon.
Deduced from Probate Date.
Deduced from date of Will.
Dennis Savage.
Estimated from date of Will and Probate.
Estimated from probate date.
Guess based on marriage date. ? correct father.
Guess. WHY?
Guess..? c.18 at marriage.
Guess..estimated from birth year of first known child.
Guess..not in father's Will
Guess..not in father's Will.
Historic Hastings
By J. Manwaring Baines, published by F.J.Parsons Ltd., Hastings, 1955
Husband married again 2 NOV 1590.
Husband married again c.1617..children from 1618.
Husband married again in 1641. Guess for place.
IGI ? Parish Register?
IGI..Parish Register.
J Mainwaring Baines ?
J Mainwaring Baines ? 1626 new calendar.
J Mainwaring Baines.
Mainwaring-Baines, J. - Books & Notes, Hastings Library
J. Mainwaring-Baines, F.S.A, Books & Notes, Hastings Library
Mentioned in grandfather's Will.
Not in father's Will.
Not mentioned in brother Thomas's Will of 1676.
Not mentioned in father's Will of that date.
Noted `deceased' in father's Will.
PR..IGI..JMB ? 1660 new calendar.
Parish Register
Parish Register (ESRO).
Parish Register - All Saints, Hastings
Parish Register .. IGI ??
Parish Register.
Parish Register. ? IGI 3 DEC 1592.
Parish Register. Bishop's Transcript..Helen Southen.
Parish Register..
Parish Register..IGI
Parish Register..IGI ?
Parish Register..IGI..JMB?
Parish Register..IGI?
Parish Register..J Mainwaring BAINES
Parish Register..daughter of Richard SARGENT
Ray Fautley
Register - Battle, St. Mary the Virgin
Register - Hastings, All Saints
Register - Hastings, Bishop's Transcripts
from Pamela Robins
Register - Hastings, St. Clements
Register - Hastings, St. Clements, Bitshops Transcripts
Sussex Marriage Index
courtesy Pam Robins
Why do I say this?
Will - Gawen, Mercy - 1718
Will - Gawen, Stephen - 1714
Will - Gibbon, Stephen - 1715/6
Will - Grimbald Stanbinorth - Admon - 1614
Will - Harry Stanbinorth - admon - 1590/91
Will - John Stanbinorth - 1578
Will - Safery, Mary - 1724
Will - Sargent, Anne - 1721
dated 31st August 1721 and proved 11 February 1736
East Sussex Record Office,w/a 55.139
Will - Sargent, Henry - 1707
dated 20th January 1707 and proved 4th February 1718/19
East Sussex Record Office,o/w 1719.10
Will - Sargent, Henry - 1769
East Sussex Record Office,W/A 62, p.514
Will - Sargent, John - 1720
downloaded from Documents Online 21 Feb 2004
Public Record Office,PCC prob 11/601
Will - Sargent, John - 1738
dated 11 Jan 1738 and proved 7 Dec 1747
Public Record Office,PCC prob 11/758
Will - Sargent, Richard - 1702
downloaded from Documents Online 21 Feb 2004
Public Record Office,PCC prob 11/473
Will - Thwaites, Mary, widow - 1803
East Sussex Record Office

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